Wednesday, June 26, 2013

From The Desk Of: Pamela J. Bates

Skin Remedy

I told you a little bit about this project before.  My client, Justine, is a trained esthetician and owns what I'd call a 'skin spa' Skin Remedy. She was in need of a new logo and branding.

Justine is a peach to work with- just one of the sweetest gals.

If I lived in San Francisco, I would have made an appointment with Justine long ago. If you live in San Francisco, you should make an appointment with Justine.

At Skin Remedy you'll be treated to wonderful treatments for your skin.  Justine also creates artisanal skin care products for her customers. The new logo needed to be incorporated into the labeling on her products (as well as a bunch of other stuff the FDA requires). 

The challenge of creating Justine's product labels was the fact that there are several products in her line, all different sizes. Then throw the FDA into the mix and then you have to do math because FDA regulations require certain information to be a certain size based on label size. But it's not just a percentage. They make it trickier than that. We had to use geometric equations. I kid you not.

Once I got that all figured out, Justine and I were on the same page design wise, so the rest was easy.

We're both love the way they all turned out.  The pictures above are my own test run.

Justine has not only undergone a branding transformation, she moved Skin Remedy to a new space that she worked hard to make her own.

It's gorgeous.

Here's Justine (on the left), and fellow esthetician Katie (on the right) in their new digs.

This is Justine's new hand painted wood sign with the new logo.
Here's the new Skin Remedy space..............swoon. GORGeous.
 that I get to see the label on the actual product, I love it even more.
(above pictures via Skin Remedy)
Working on the Skin Remedy logo re-design and package labeling project has been utterly enjoyable. You couldn't find a nicer gal to take care of all your skin care needs. If you're in the San Francisco area, or are planning a visit, you'll find Skin Remedy now located at 3638 Sacramento Street • San Francisco, CA • 94118.
It's a bit cooler today. It's been roasting and humid. Had some more storminess last night. More to come today as well, at least that's what they're predicting. Hopefully they don't interrupt pool time later.
Make it a great day. It's a great day to have.
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  1. the logo looks great. and I could use a spa treatment right about now. hahah

  2. Fabulous! And the space is so light and airy -- aaah!

  3. wow.. I never thought you would need to use geometric equations for a label. Your label looks great. I love the branding for her product.

  4. beautiful branding, beautiful product, beautiful's all so beautiful!


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