Thursday, May 23, 2013

It's A Surprise Party: Happy Birthday Mom!

Marge Turns 80
It's my Mom's birthday today! Uh oh, the cats out of the bag. Happy 80th Mom!!!! Not that we all didn't say that on Sunday at the surprise party we had for her. It does seem that it was indeed a surprise party, or she's a good actress.
My nephew Joe went to pick up my parents under the pretense that my sister was having a cook out. Plausible, yes?
The guest of honor arrived a yard full of people.
"What are all these people doing standing in the yard," says Marge.
Friends and family galore, all there to celebrate the 'original' Marge.
There was lots of merriment, mingling, and a ton of food which the birthday girl missed in the other room. I think she was too busy enjoying it all.
Old Marines stories, the short and tall of it, my Father serenading my mother, and pictures.........lots and lots of pictures.
Oh yeah. And drinks.
Some were even spilled, right Kel Roy? It was a tragedy of Cosmo proportions.
Born in Yonkers, NY, after she graduated high school Marge worked at Con Ed (with my Godmother). She then moved all over the place for my Dad's work.............Little Rock, Boise, Spokane, Hampton, Plattsburg, and Newton, Mass where I was born and back to Hampton. She drove across country changing diapers in the in the back of a station wagon (by the way, our dog inky flew.....go figure). She was a Fashion Wagon rep, a member of the Catholic Women's Club, the Lioness Club, the Royal Society Bridge Club. She drove a station wagon with a paint can on top when we owned a hardware store and knows more about nuts and bolts than the majority of men.  Marge, along with my father, was invited to lunch at the White House with President Carter (in the family quarters no less). A day she'll never forget. She's met many celebrities along the way and hosted many political affairs at our house.  Congressman Dick Gephardt, and his wife Jane, were favorites. Again, along my father, she helped lead the planning of our town's 350th parade which was a parade to end all parades. 

She's put up with 5 kids who were not always easy to put up with and she has 8 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. And many pets including Inky, Rascal, Dynamite, Skipper, Brandy and Max.

There's been many good times over the years including many cruises that my parents took to wonderful places including Bermuda, Aruba and the Panama Canal. They've also visited New Orleans and used to have a yearly date in Beantown on Patriots Day to watch the Marathoners go by their hotel.

I'm obviously missing a lot, but my mother has just about 'done and seen it all'. She's beyond thoughtful and I have no hope of keeping up with her thank you note schedule.

So here's to you Mom. They certainly broke the mold when they made you.

Happy 80th deserve the best!

Love you lots. xxoo

Hope you're having a great day. I imagine there will be a cocktail on the porch at 10 Tobey Street to celebrate Mom's birthday later. What's happening in your corner of the world?
Ciao for now,


  1. Wow! That's great! Happy birthday to your mom! She is and was such a beautiful woman who accomplished so much and she is so lucky to have someone like you as her daughter.

    1. That's SO sweet. If I'm anything like my Mom, I'm doing good.

      Fun party. Yesterday was her real bday and we went thrifting!

  2. Wow..that is such a nice surprise. She definitely looks like she was very happy to see everyone.

  3. Oh wow! I LOVE those photographs on the pinboard! What a fabulous gathering - looks like lots and lots of fun. On this side of the pond...I took the afternoon off! I know! The decadence of it! Hey, I worked my socks off this week, I decided it was either that or a I burn out.

    1. Me too........they look like movie star the one of my parents in the top left. YAY for you taking a day off. I say day off vs. burn off always wins.

  4. oh congrats and happy birthday to your mom. she looks terrific!!!

  5. Happy Birthday Marge! Looks like you had an awesome time!

    1. It was. My father was wondering since she's been celebrating for nearly a week, if it was all finally over.........

      He should know us better than that by now. :)


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