Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What Inspires You Wednesday

The Amazing Resilience and Spirit of People
So as some of you many already know, Boston is our 'local' city. We're only 50 minutes out of downtown. It's close to our hearts.
This has been a very heartbreaking week, but at the same time, heartwarming. When evil rears it's ugly head, good always answers in abundance.  Strength answers in abundance. Caring answers in abundance.
I've been keeping up with Jeff Bauman (via facebook), the young man who lost both of his legs in the Boston Marathon bombings. The bombers could not stop this man's spirit from shining bright. Nor could they keep the spirit of ballroom dancer Adrianne Haslet who lost her foot from shining bright. Nor could they keep the spirit of any of the survivors from shining bright, including Celeste Corcoran, who lost both of her legs, or her daughter Sydney (who would have died of injuries to her femoral artery had it not been for the people who jumped in to help and placed a tourniquet on her leg). 
This video of a marine amputees who visited the Corcorans, and all of the survivors are what is inspiring me today. 
I'm not sharing this video to make you sad, but share the inspiring strength and resilience of people. It's amazing. It makes me want to keep everything in perspective. It makes me want to stop letting the small stuff get to me. It makes me want to do something that makes a difference in some way. 
To that end, I've decided to focus on helping Jeff Bauman. If I focus on one survivor maybe I can make a difference.
Through May 3rd (the end of next week), all money other than shipping costs (not just profits) generated from the sale of my Grow Love print will be donated to the fund set up for Jeff to help in his recovery- Bucks for Bauman
I'm also offering Muse followers a 20% discount on the Grow Love print to encourage you to purchase it now so money can be raised for Jeff.  Enter the coupon code GrowLoveMM at checkout to recieve 20% off. If you want to forgo the discount, so I can give more money to Jeff's fund, just don't enter the code.  I'll also be posting this on our facebook page to try and generate more sales to benefit the Bucks for Bauman fund.
I'll keep you aprised of how the fundraising is doing.
What these people have been through in the last week has been horrific and yet their spirits are strong in the face of such tragedy. That's what is inspiring me today.
What's inspiring you?
Ciao for now,

PS- If you can share this post in any way to help me generate more funds for Bucks for Bauman, I'd be very grateful.


  1. What a beautiful, selfless thing you are doing here, Pamela!

    Your print is gorgeous. I love love love the contrast! And the message of course!

    Thinking of you and your hometown this week. Lots of love from Vancouver!

    1. Thanks Melissa! It's things like this that bring out the best in people.....the responders were amazing and the survivors have been amazing. Being able to do one small thing is the least I can do.

  2. This is wonderful, Pam! I will definitely spread the love (and plan on ordering a print myself!) I agree, it is important to focus on the good that has come out of such a terrible event. I heard Adrianne and her husband interviewed in NPR, and it was very inspirational--even though she is not a runner, she wants to try to run the marathon next year!

    1. All of the survivors have been nothing less than amazing. Adrianne has real pluck. She'll dance again, no doubt and I know she'll run that race whether she's a runner or not.

  3. what a very nice thing to do....the print is great, and I hope you sell A LOT!

    1. Thanks Debbi! Trying to sell to post again on facebook!


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