Friday, March 22, 2013

Art That Makes A Difference

"Art is a universal language by which we can create a voice, heal a heart and form a network of women survivors who can help empower other women who are victims of abuse or similar situations."
I was contacted by an amazing photographer this week regarding logo design. She was interested in customizing one of my premade logo designs. I assumed that it was for her photography business Hip Chick Photography. I was wrong. Sandra, was looking for a logo for Pearls Foundation in Charlotte, an organization dedicated to using art to help survivors of domestic violence heal and move forward.
What a fantastic idea. Art can be powerful in so many ways, and certainly at times transformative as I'm sure those associate with Pearls Foundation can attest.
So my premade logo that looked like this.............. looks like this.
It's already being used to brand the organization.
This project, which involved a quick customization, made me immensely happy. First, I love the idea that art can transform and that Sandra is putting this belief into practice for some of the most vulnerable survivors. Secondly, that in some eency weency, teeny tiny way, I was able to fill a need that this organization had, just makes me feel good.
I hope that the new logo helps Pearls Foundation grow even further while making a difference in many more lives.
Here's to Sandra, the rest of the volunteers at Pearls Foundation and the survivors, who are likely had suffered more than I can almost bear to fathom at the hands of another human being who was supposed to love them.  The courage it must take to say 'no more'.  When they do, the darkness they step out of turns into brightest of lights.
I sincerely hope they all continue to shine.
Freeform Friday
Let's change up the mood a little, shall we. Let's all dance a little in celebration of courage and strength. Because where the woman of Pearls Foundation are today, compared to where they were, is something worth celebrating. Now get up and get downClick here if you're reading via email.

There. Now didn't that feel good?
The Blue Brothers always gives me a laugh and causes me to get up and shake a tailfeather. Just ask Gman. 
Celebrate life a little today. 

Ciao for now,



  1. the blues 'em...I saw a video on facebook not too long ago with a bird that was "dancing" to this song. it was cute.
    charlotte it not that far from me, pearls foundation must be fairly new, I never heard of it. great logo.

  2. Pam I just visited the Pearls Foundation after reading your blog. What an amazing organization! And how great that you got to work with them to design the logo. Isn't it incredible to know that your work gets to help people change their lives? It is always so rewarding when what we do touches so many lives for the better, it's a small reminder that in the end we are all connected somehow. This post made my day :)

    Erika from littlebigtopstudio


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