Monday, February 4, 2013

Take A Walk With Us


I hope your weekend was as good as ours.

We took an impromptu jaunt up to our friends Ralph & Cathryn's camp in Belgrade, Maine.  Do we have to talk about how long we've been friends? Suffice it to say, Ralph and I have been friends since 1st grade and leave it at that.

Ah. Unplugged for almost 24 hours. It was heavenly. No computer. No keyboard.

Just peace and quiet.

And friends.

And dogs.

And lots of laughs.

And lots of lounging.

And an epic game of taboo (epic in a horrific sense and I'll just say, Cathryn, I told you I could have whooped butt at Trivial Pursuit and next time, please can we play before I imbibe Sea Hagg Rum?)

Back to the peace and quiet.

Lucan did a lot of this.......................

And this is where I sat and enjoyed my tea Sunday morning.


Life is good.

Ciao for now,


  1. Your view is spectacular. Good for you for unplugging. Definitely a necessity in our digital age. Love the pics!

    1. It was a lovely view. And the river and ice was making crazy noises- i guess expanding and contracting- like a big growling belly.

      I admit....I did pin a few things on the way up, but after that. No phone, no computer. It was grand.

      Hope you enjoyed your bday!

  2. It seems Lucan has the life I want!

    1. don't you know it!!!! he is currently napping behind me on the futon. yup, it's tough but someone has to do it.


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