Friday, February 1, 2013

A Good Egg & Pin Worthy

Chucky Egg
I can't tell you why, or what the origin truly is, but my Gram who was from Yorkshire, England called a soft boiled egg a 'chucky egg'. There are different opinions on what gave the chucky egg its name (maybe the 'chuck chuck' sounds chickens make), but it appears to have orginated in the midlands of England.  That is not to say that people from other places don't call it a chucky egg, because it seems that some do.
A chucky egg is usually served with a bit of butter in it and salt and pepper of course (what would an egg be without salt a pepper?).  It's often sopped up by skinny pieces of toast, sometimes refered to as 'toast soldiers'. Perhaps because their stiff and seem to stand at attention like soldiers? It's anybody's guess really. 
Since my Gram served me chucky eggs when I was very little, I've loved them.  They're still one of my go-to eggs (not that I've met an egg I didn't love), though I don't always put a dollop of butter in them or eat them with toast soldiers. Always with salt and pepper though. Some people cut up their chucky eggs, and mix it with butter and bread in a mug. I've always just eaten my chucky egg perched  nicely atop an egg cup.
I often eat my egg from my father's Chucky Egg cup.  My great Aunt Dora, my Gram's sister sent it to him from England for his first Christmas in 1930.
He's seen a lot of use, but I love that he's part of my Chucky Egg ritual.
Chucky Egg
Bring water to boil. Put egg in and boil for three and half minutes. I then turn the burner off and leave the egg to sit for another 15 to 30 seconds. (You don't have to if you like yours extra soft). 
Perfection.  Serve in egg cup. Gently tap around top of egg with knife and lift the top off. Spoon out chucky egg onto toast or stick toast soldiers into egg to sop up.
Pin Worthy
Just sharing some things I thought were pin worthy on Pinterest.  If you're on Pinterest, you know how what I mean. There is just so much that is pin worthy. 
If we haven't connected yet on Pinterest, you'll find me here.
flokati on rocking chair via nordic design from my homeward bound board
driftwood photo display via morning creativity from my craft it board
beautiful flowers via merci new york from my styling love board
thoughtful packaging via one fine dae from my packaging board
Do you secretly wish someone would pay you to pin things all day, or is it just me?
Did I just say that outloud?
Freeform Friday

I absolutely love this. Beyond the fact that it makes me miss NYC, I think it's quite amazing. So much talent every where.  Enjoy. If you're reading via email, watch here.

Hope you have a great Friday. Happy weekend!

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  1. Love your post. My mom used to make us soft boiled eggs when we were little! I haven't had one in so long. We didn't have such adorable cups though, ours were simple little plastic things, but if was fun to choose a color. Thanks for sending me back in time. I'm getting hungry... Have a terrific weekend!

    1. Didn't I luck out getting my Dad's egg cup? too damn cute.

      OOO, choosing a color does sound like fun! isn't it funny the way we love and remembe the little things.

  2. Well I can definitely say that I would not like a Chucky Egg, but my husband would probably drool over this post. :) And yes, if you find full time "pinning" positions with an epic salary, let me know!

    1. LOL! I know, my sil wouldn't like a chucky egg either. she ordered a salad the last time we were out and it had a soft boiled egg on top. needless to say, I got the egg.

      i'll be sure to let you know when I secure the new pinning position ;)


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