Wednesday, February 20, 2013

5 Minute Craft That's Good For The Environment

Got Jars?

Personally, we were recycling a lot of food jars and that's all well and good. It's just every time I was putting them in the recycle bin I was thinking 'there must be something I can do with these'.

This is one of those things.

I'm not lying when I say this is as easy as it gets and only takes 5 minutes. 

If you're like me, you have a bunch of ribbon that you've saved from various packaging, etc. I have a big jug of it. I also have old craft supplies that haven't been used. So, honestly, this cost me nothing. Zip. Zero.

Here's the supplies I used: lace trim, ribbon, empty and cleaned food jars, scissors and glue gun.

Measure your lace trim around the top of the jar and cut to size. I measured so there was just a tad to overlap.

One snip of the scissors. Easy so far.

Run thin hot glue bead around top of jar and run lace or ribbon over glue bead and press to hold. I did a little section at a time so I could keep the lace and ribbon aligned with the top a bit easier. When I got to the back side, I overlapped that last bit.

Um, next.........Oh yeah, there is no next.

That's it. Unless you want to add another layer of trim. In that case, you just run a bead of glue over your first trim the same way, and add your second layer of ribbon/trim.

You can use these to hold a multitude of the bathroom- Qtips, cotton balls, etc.  I decided to use them in my office.

Talk about easy up-cycling.

You'll notice in a couple of the pictures above that I've also been recycling cans.  Put a little washi tape around them to dress them up and away you go.

Have you started up-cycling instead of recycling? Either way, they're both easy ways to be nicer to the environment.

Enjoy the day.

Ciao for now,


  1. I love this. I always hate throwing jars into the recycling - something about glass which makes me see it as inherently upcyclable!


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