Friday, January 4, 2013

Winter In White

Cold As Hell: An Oxymoron

Despite the fact that it is an oxymoron, it has been cold as hell this week at The Bates Estate (which you can see by the photo above, is really just a cottage). 

Since Christmas Eve we've been snowed on a few times, which makes me happy.  The temperatures have dropped to something befitting the season called Winter (this doesn't necessarily make me happy, but that's life in New Hampshire). In fact yesterday was down right freezing. I knew as soon as I got up and looked out the door that the snow had turned crunchy. Trust me if you don't live somewhere that gets cold and snowy, you can tell just by looking at the snow, that it has gotten cold enough to make it crunchy. Suffice it to say, it's days like that when I truly love my little home office.

This week I've been fiddling with my camera, trying to get to know it, like a new friend.  It doesn't want to reveal too much too soon to me, for fear of scaring me off. I'll just take it step by step. Though the box says 'easy', I'm not so sure I'd agree. I have a long way to go and I'll just take my time getting there. I don't mind too much. I like learning new things. There lots of settings so there is plenty to learn.

Some shots along the way.............

We have more snow than that now.  The kids across the street who live in the house with the barn (the one I'm always taking pictures of) had a sledding party the other day.  We need to get a sled. We are currently sled-less, which doesn't really work for me. The hill over in the field (it's right behind Gar and Lucan in the shot above, but you'd never know it), is one awesome sledding hill.  I'd hate to miss out on that when there is snow on the ground.

That is not a pond. It's the pool. I am not donning my bathing suit for that right now.

I made the two small Irish cottage and an Italian trullo. My Dubliner received the cottage as a gift.  I made five trulli, which are part of the landscape in Apulia/Puglia, which is the heel of Italy and where my grandfather's family emmigrated from when they came to America.  They're made of limestone, sometimes left natural and sometimes painted white, sometimes half and half.  I made one for my mother, my sisters and sister in law and kept the last for myself. A little piece of our Puglian heritage.

Still have some Christmas champagne to finish. Something to look forward to that is sure to bring a smile. As Margaret Houlihan said on M*A*S*H.....'the bubbles tickle my nose'.

Busy working on organizing today. Am I the only one or one of many that has immersed themselves in organizing?  It will be a long process.  I hope when I'm done everything will have a place, and everything will be in its place. I know it would make my head less confused. Know what I mean?

We don't have any big plans for the weekend. Just taking it easy and more organization.  Would you believe we don't even have our Winter clothes down from the attic yet? I'm telling you, up until Christmas the weather was for the most part, pretty warm. Now, I need the rest of my sweaters.

Can't believe it is, but I sure am glad it's Friday. 

Freeform Friday

Patti Page was a little before my 'time' so to speak, but I love all kinds of music including the oldies from the 40s, 50s and 60s that comprise my parent's record collection.  The world lost a lovely singer yesterday when Patti passed away. She was smooth.  She was the only performer to have a variety show on all three networks. Quite a feat for a woman at that time. Quite a feat for anyone.  I wouldn't even be able to guess how many times we played my parents' 45 of How Much is That Doggie In The Window. So, I have to include that because it brings back memories of summer days on the patio with neighborhood friends, singing and dancing to those old 45s.  If you're reading by email, click here.

I swear, to you each time I started to play that, Lucan raised his head from his nap on the couch and looked in my direction. Too funny.  And now, for something that shows off Patti's velvety smooth vocals. Click here if you're reading by email.

What's hot for your weekend? The only thing hot for ours will be the wood stove.

Ciao for now,


  1. Cold I know...but the pics are so beautiful.

    1. It is definitely cold. Not horrible today, though it's dropping. Yesterday it was 0 when we woke up. Ugh.

  2. Cold here, too, though we aren't so distant from each other. The crunchy snow is all-too familiar. We need to do a little organization in the basement. Now that the house is pretty much done (hooray!), everything finally DOES have a place, and we need to weed through the stuff that's down there to decide what to keep and what to toss. Have a great weekend, Pam!

    1. Oh yes Miss Connecticut. I'm sure you're just a wee bit chilly as well.

      a 'little' basement organization? dang girl, if you could see ours you'd feel like you were done already.

  3. I love the look of your cottage estate. Perfect. The trees with the snow is my favorite pic with your new camera. I wish you continued success and happiness in the new year!

  4. Oh wow! I guess I should stop complaining that I'm cold! We don't get snow in Phoenix, but there was a little frost on my windshield the other night. haha!

  5. I'm not generally a fan of snow, but believe me, after all the rain we've had in the UK in 2012, I could almost get to like the white stuff! 2012 was the second-wettest on record - and only by one quarter of an inch! - so much so that the underground aquifers storing the water are now so full that they only way for them to cope is to ooze through the ground (joining the already flooded areas on the ground!) We're OK-ish where we are, but our local river has long disappeared and the flood plains surrounding it are doing the job (sort of!).

    Happy New Year folks! Enjoy the crunch factor! Isobel

  6. I know what you mean, it has been really cold here in the Midwest for the last week as well. I love your photos of the snow, we have not had much snow this year I kind of miss it. Your going to have to get a sled, sledding is the best part of winter.
    Everyday Inspired

  7. Yes Pam it has been COLD! We have a toasty propane stove keeping us warm! And I'm right with you on organizing. It seems to be cyclical, every New Year I have the urge to reorganize and gain control of all the stuff. I've gotten a few projects crossed off the list already! Happy New Year to you!

  8. I can't stand the freezing cold, but I agree a home office is a nice place to be when it's cold and snowy out :)
    The pictures are beautiful! And I'll admire them from afar :)


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