Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mission:Bookshelf Organization

It Has To Look Good & Be A Work Horse

Now that they're up, I have bookshelves on my mind for an entirely different reason. Like I said yesterday, I want them to do what they need to do (hold supplies, books, client binders, etc.), and I want them to look nice.  

The bottom shelf is within reach of me sitting at my desk, and I'd like things I need to grab often to sit right above my computer. 

Here's the quandary: I had a few wooden boxes I tried yesterday, but they were too big and hid the beautiful wood shelf.  The were too deep so things would be lost in them.

So, now I'm on a quest for the right way to organize these two new beautiful shelves I have. Which may become three shelves this weekend (did you see that Gar? I am thinking one more shelf, though I'm not quite decided.)

I love this shelving. I know it's now holding 'office' stuff, but I like the way it's stored so it's compartmentalized, but you can still see some of it.  I like the metal bins. And I really like that you can still see the wood.

Now this one has a ton of magazines, but I like it's relaxed style. It doesn't should messy to me even though there is a lot of stuff.

I also like the suitcase idea for storage of things I don't need to see or get to every day.

via mokkasins here and here. suitcase photo by hillary walker

This arrangement is clean, organized, nice visually and still shows off the shelf. Thank you Pottery Barn. Between them, West Elm and Ikea, probably a good place to look for more inspiration.

So, undaunted by the task at hand, because I do when I do something I don't want it to be all mixed up, I continue my search for bookshelf organization ideas. Ones that will do the three things I'm looking for: be a workhorse, look nice, not completely hide my new shelves.

If you have any ideas, I'd be more than happy if you pinned them to my Workhorse Bookshelf board. Just let me know that you'd like to, and I'll send you an invite.

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Have I told you how cold it is here lately?

'How cold is it?'

It's so cold that the dog too about a 3 second jaunt outside this morning.

It's so cold that on Mt. Washington this morning it was -85F with the wind chill. 

That's why we don't live on Mt. Washington. Well, that and it's really, really steep.

Compared to Mt. Washington, The Seacoast is downright balmy. We might only reach -26 with the wind chill. 

Damn........I just missed the mail lady. Now I'll have to bundle up and actually go out. Ugh. Can you say brrr?

Have a good one.

Ciao for now,


  1. brrr, that is cold...and I love the vintage wood shelves. I told my hubby that when I re-do our kitchen, I'm getting rid of the cupboards and just putting up nice (rustic) wooden shelves. He just looked at me funny. :p

    1. that's too funny. i'll say this....i would find it hard to have my entire kitchen cabinets open, but we do have open pantry shelves which i love. i keep them organized by putting supplies in nice containers,etc.

      my friend has open shelves, which seems to work for her, but I think she probably stores a lot of her stuff in the basement.

  2. Omg that is so cold! I kind of like the shelves with all the magazines. It's organized chaos and feels homey.

    1. Me just looks like someone actually 'lives' with those shelves and uses them.

      yup, it's cold.

  3. I was talking to a co-worker in Ohio today where it reached 9 degrees. I was sort of complaining that it was getting into the 40s at night here in San Diego and I was cold. ;-) Even at these balmy temperatures my big, black lab has put on quite a lot of fur this winter! I'm seeing a lot of vacuuming come spring.

    Love the AA Milne quote - I need to keep reminding myself that I need to organize!

    Stay warm!

  4. It's cold here too and I only have 1 glove. Seriously..just one. Thankfully I found some fingerless gloves I made a year ago. I'm soo looking forward to warmer weather.


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