Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Just A Couple Of Things

In Progress: Blog Redesign
Here we are at midweek.  It is so ridiculously foggy here today that the schools had a two hour delay. You just can't see a thing. Our temperatures are seriously fluctuating. -14F last week. Today, 53F.
I am not kidding.
Such craziness.
Did I mention I'm working on a blog redesign. Hopefully what will be a complete overhaul. It's going to take awhile, a good while before I'm ready to launch my 'new and improved', but I thought I'd share with you what's running through this little head of mine.
At least colorwise.......
sources:  via fryd + design; style me pretty; precious me

I'm drawn to these colors right now. I even love the gold glitter.
Well, that's the scoop. I'm obsessed with these colors.
What do you think?
Speaking of Obsessed
I have a serious love of cheese. I mean, I LOVE cheese. What I'm trying to say is, I have a problem and I don't care because.... because....... because....IT'S CHEESE.

Any of you hearing me out there on the cheese front?

Well, one of my favorites is Delice. A double cream brie.

Ooey, gooey heaven.

Lo and behold, when I was shopping the other day I came across Delice that had been taken up a notch.

How is this possible you ask?

This is how.

Oh yeah.

You read it right.

Delice with Black Truffles.

It is indeed a thing of beauty.

Need I say more?

OK, fine. I will.

It's what's for lunch.

Ciao for now,


  1. My husband loves cheese too. It's one of his favorite things.

    The weather is exactly the same there. How odd that we may have a thunderstorm later.

    I love your color theme. I just changed up my blog banner but I was having trouble picking the colors, and then I was thinking that maybe I would change them with the seasons, or every month. Same design, just rotating colors.

    1. Ah, your husband and i speak the same language.

      don't tell me your 'not' a big cheese fan?

      we have to sever all ties.

      I saw you changed your header and I think changing colors for seasons or whenever it floats your boat is a great idea

  2. Love the new color scheme! And the cheese - wow! I love double cream brie. And with black truffles?!? Must look for that!

    1. honestly? as if the double cream wasn't enough. I'm a sunk if they keep stocking this stuff.

  3. Now when I first saw the small picture, I thought it was cheesecake. I'd be all over cheesecake. Have never been a brie fan. Don't know why, cause I love cheese.

    1. LOL..........cheesecake! ah neighbor is a cheese lover too but he's not big on brie either.

  4. I love cheese too. I'm trying to get better at learning about different types of cheese. I would love to be able to make my own.

    1. A day without cheese.....well, it doesn't happen very often around here. Let's put it that way. We have a really wonderful cheese store here (actually two, but I'm closer to one). They are always more than willing to tell you about the cheeses and lets you taste before you buy. It's a great way to learn about new cheeses....from the people that are working with it every day. they have a ton of info.

      I've made my own was pretty easy.

      I also pinned a homemade mozzarella recipe the other day that look easy enough.

  5. I'm not crazy about truffles, but replace them with chocolate chips...honey I'd be all over that!!!
    And I love those pink chairs, very cool.

    1. chocolate could become a new craze! and to think, it all started here.

      aren't those chairs fab? I've seen similar ones in West Elm that are black, but I love them in the pastel shades.

  6. Yum... I'm going to look for this cheese next time I'm at the grocery.

    1. Cheryl, I actually found it at Sam's of all places. They had a really nice cheese selection and certainly less expensive than shaws. If you find it, make sure you take it out and let it sit at room temp for awhile. It really brings the flavors out.

  7. The colors, the cheese, the fog......a perfect excuse to stay home with a good book!

  8. The inspirational colours a lovely. I'm currently in the midst of choosing colors for a redesign... too many pretty things to choose from. I LOVE black truffle brie. It's my weakness!
    The temps have fluctuated here too.. 70+ a couple of days ago and now single digits. It's insane.
    Wishing you a fabulous day! xoxo, B

    1. Well B, I'm not surprised given that brie is french! c'est si bon.

      The weather is just so odd with the fluctuating temps. The ground thawed so fast that it's like the end of April because the water had no place to go that quick. Mudville.

      I totally agree, too many pretty things to choose from while redesigning. Makes the job that much more daunting. Keep getting lost on pinterest with too much inspiration.

  9. I love your redesign colors - I can't wait to see the blog once it's done!

    I L-O-V-E cheese too! I don't think I've ever had Delice though. I'll have to go buy some this weekend. Hopefully I can find the black truffle one! It sounds (and looks) amazing!

    1. oh sam....if you like brie that's extra creamy and soft.....well, that's delice. heavenly if you like that kind of cheese.

  10. Well, now I want a baked brie with honey and big stack of crackers for scooping. Damnit.

    1. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

      that sounds way too good


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