Friday, December 7, 2012

Take A Walk With Us


The weather went from sunny and ridiculously warm this week, to sunny and cold. I don't mind. It's December, and the sun was shining.  We got over to the field for a couple of walks. As you know, this always makes me happy.

Yesterday the Gman went with to help me reach the bittersweet I wanted for the arrangement by my front door, and for my mantle.  Lucan came too.

The thing about 'almost Winter''s bright white

Until it starts to set.  Then for a short moment, it gives off a pretty glow.

I love the way the open milk weed pods glisten.

And I really love that my husband was able to reach the bittersweet that I couldn't. Did I tell you I cut some the other day when I was on a field walk with the dog. We got half way across the field and I put the bunch down to pick up on my way back. Mistake. By the time we came back across dusk was setting in. Couldn't find that bunch of cut bittersweet for the life of me.  Yesterday I tried again with help from my bittersweet collector. Neither of us could find it. Poof. Gone. 

Of course, I didn't need anymore because we scored on the bittersweet front.

Sunset Meadows

Along with sunny days, comes pretty sunsets.

They make my day.

You know what else makes my day.....when people say the nicest things.  Lisa from Messy Bed Studios was nice enough to mention me in her blog post yesterday. I'm thankful for such kind words.

I hope you are enjoying your Friday. We have plans for homemade French bread pizza. Well, I didn't make the bread this time, but I have leftover homemade sauce which makes me a happy girl on Friday night. 

Tomorrow....we're on a tree mission followed by a party at our friends The Harringtons.  What are you up to this weekend?

Freeform Friday 

I feel compelled to play this one. I taunt my husband with it every year. He cringes as it starts, then I begin singing it just make the taunting all the better and then the two of us crack up. Personally, I like this Christmas song. It's happy.  Enjoy and click here if you're reading via email.

Ciao for now,

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  1. Beautiful pics Pam...looks like a nice peaceful walk. I always love those with my pup too :)


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