Thursday, December 13, 2012

I LOVE A Party!

Cocktail Picks, Martini Picks, Set of 3, White, Red, Gray, Mint Green, Pink, Orange, Black, Martini Skewers, Cocktail Accessories

If Not Now, When?

That's right. You heard it here first. It's time for some serious quantities of holiday cheer.  You're up for that, aren't you? I certainly am.

This little party is all about making new friends and supporting the handmade movement, vintageers (as I like to call them), and small business owners in general.  It's a way for small business owners and bloggers to reach new people and promote themselves since none of them have large marketing machines doing it for them like the big guys do.  It also happens to be the last party before Christmas. 

Whether you're a shop owner, a blogger or neither, remember that this party is about having a blast.

So come on in and make yourselves at home.  Shop owners, if you'd kindly leave a link at the party below and help spread the word, this party is an open house. The more the merrier. Other guests, you will not feel left out here...........take a look around, follow the links and find some new things that are sure to go on your wish list. You're going to meet some really nice and very talented people. Everyone, take some time to get to know each other. That's what parties are for, right? 

I do hope you all wore your dancing shoes because it's not really a party without a little dancin'!

1. retro invites via Believe Papergoods
2. red seqin cocktail dress via Bad James Vintage
3. cocktail shakers via Ohio Picker
4. cocktail picks via jack smooth
5. fagottini mozzarella pouches via orobianco
6. tomato jam via copper pot traditions
7. robert goulet via Erma Jewels Vintage
8. ‘dancing’ print via matte art

Remember, even if you don't own an etsy shop or online business and you don't blog, you are still invited to this party. It's a fun place to window shop and see what you might have been missing until now.

******Please read these guidelines before linking up.******

*If you like Mercantile Muse enough to link up, please follow too. There are several ways in the sidebar.You'll also find me on Hellocotton.

*Don't link and run. Follow links others have left behind. People have made sales because of these parties, but in the end, it's about supporting each other.

*Link once for your shop, once for you blog to save space for others. 

*You'll also find Bates Mercantile Co. here: facebook, pinterest, twitter, tumblr.  It's be great to connect with you as many ways as I can.

*I want these to be the best parties around, but I can't do it without your help. Will you help me by sharing a link to the party? Blog, tweet, facebook, pin, share on any etsy teams? If you blog and are so inclined to grab a button (from Mercantile Muse button page) and feature it on your blog, that would be wicked awesome.  Everyone is welcome here, so be sure to tell your friends.

*When you take part in the link up, you'll go on the Mercantile Muse mail list. {Correspondence will come from the address pbates at speakeasyinfo dot net.}  I'll let you know when the next link up party is underway so you can promote your shop and blog again, and about other happenings at the Muse. 

*BY ALL MEANS, let us get to know you better. Leave a comment that tells a little more about you, your shop or blog.  Need help to get started? 'What at the top of your wish list this year?'
Time to pah-tay! (If you're reading by email, click here to go to the party).

I'm so glad you're all here at this last party before Christmas. I trust that you are all making your holidays merry and bright.
Thanks for being here.
I'll see you on the flip side,


  1. Thanks for the invite to the party! I love that matte art print. So cute! :)

  2. Hi Pamela,
    Thanks for inviting me to the party. I'm going over to the snack table now. :0)

  3. I just linked up! I like that pendant by PureDichotomy.

  4. Thanks Pam for all your hard work - great party!!

  5. Thanks for hosting yet another party - and so near Christmas too! In case I don't meet up before, you have a great Holiday time won't you? All the best for the New Year too! Isobel from

  6. Happy Holidays to all and thanks to Pam for hosting these parties!

  7. Marry Christmas to all, and a happy New Year too!

    Thanks for hosting this fabulous party! (^__^)

  8. looks great! visiting you from the etsy blog team :) beautiful blog!


  9. Wow - a little late for me! But better late than never. Love all your postings this week - I've printed and shared!

    Great Party!

  10. I really wish it would snow!Happy holiday of your choice everyone!


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