Monday, October 8, 2012

Pop. Then nuttin'.

The Sound Of Power Going Out

An outtage ate my post. Yup, the power went out. Just a little pop according to my neighbor.  I didn't hear a thing. Except my own big, long, shocked gasp as my computer shut itself down along with everything else.

I was just about done with today's 'What I Found and Overheard at the Party' post and poof, nuttin'.

I'm obviously back up and running, but apparently I hadn't save what I was working on so I must recreate some of it. More on that tomorrow. You are going to love everything I've found, so do stayed tuned for the post on the flip side. 

For now, my wish for you on this Monday.................

....gentle breezes and no squirrels on the powerlines.  [I don't know that it was a squirrel on the powerline, but they've been very busy of late, so it's a distinct possibility.]

Monday Meet Up

Have you connected with me on facebook yet? If you haven't today is a great day to do it. If you have, it's the perfect day to pop over to our page, eespecially if you're a shop/business owner or blogger. Why, you ask? Because it's Monday Meet Up.

Stop by and share your links and do a little networking with others who have left theirs.

If you're not a shop/business owner or blogger, stop by and say hi regardless. I'd love to connect with you on facebook.

That's if from here for today.

Here's to power!


  1. oh, I hate power outages...but I love squirrels. heehee

    1. oh man, i hope it wasn't a squirrel. yes their pests at the feeder but they have as much right to some free chow as the birds, right?

  2. Power outages suck. In my old apartment power outages used to happen all the time. Thankfully in my new place it's only when I use the microwave...

    1. Crack me up eyelah! You must keep blowing a fuse.

      Kind of put a kink in the day but at least I wasn't on any deadlines.

      hey, nice score at Pier 1!!...and he bought you the whole store. nice.


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