Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Favorite Finds: Etsy Style

Girl at Sewing Machine -  limited edition print of an illustration

Change Of Seasons

OK. I give up. I can't stop Summer from fading away. It's Fall. I know I'm a little behind in this realization. I was determined not to let it happen. It's the pool lovin' Mer-Girl in me.  However, I did not stand in the 'stop the seasons' from changing super power line, so I'm still just Power Washer Woman (ridding the world of grime...in case you were wondering...but only when I have the power washer in my hand.)

Ah, Fall. It used to be my favorite season, although I use that word lightly because living in a place where there are all four seasons makes it incredibly tough to pick just one. At least for me.

The trees are starting to change quickly now and I truly love that about my state. There is quite a show to come over the next three weeks, but that doesn't mean I'm happy about leaving summer behind.  The colors change from the pastel pinks and peaches to burnt orange and reds, flowers go from brilliant to pale in their decaying, yet still beautiful, states. Nature is quite amazing.

In honor of the changing seasons, a little ode to 'cha cha cha changes', etsy style.

1. kawai phone chain via we love stitches; 2. floral clutch via eyelah 
3. enamel pitcher via 5 little cups; 4. hot pink dress via electric moon vintage
5. orange brooch via Trincar Uvas; 6. felt cuff bracelet via Loft Full of Goodies
7. Beach at Sunset via Misty M Photography;
8. custom name vintage photo blocks via Dandelion
9. bridal fascinator via Fancie Strands; 10. halloween crown via Love Butler Vintage
11. vintage floral round tin via OLDITALIANSVINTAGE; 12. tea cups via 5 Gardenias
13. sewing art (I may have featured before. If I did, I guess I really like it) via 

Are you enjoying the change of seasons? I'll say this, it does feel good having a little cool breeze coming through the window at night. 

Chip Off The Old Block

So after my clipboard art post yesterday, I got an email from my mother...'Didn't I remember her painting clipboards?'. No. I remember a lot things, but I didn't remember that one....well unless it was in some far reaching subliminal part of my brain.  Not only did she paint them, apparently they were pretty good sellers at the neighbors yard sales. Crack me right up.  Like mother like daughter.

A Couple of Things You Might Like

Each month, my etsy/blogging pal Cari-Jane of Hybrid Handmade, creates a brand new and always beautiful desktop calendar. October's is out for you to download and use for free. We both have deer running around our heads lately. Cari has been designing a new collection called Into the Wild, and I just incorporated some deer into a poster I designed for the upcoming library craft fair as well as my header. It's that time of year after all....did I tell you we spied two young deer behind the house on Saturday? So sweet. They've been here since the 4th of July when they still had spots, and have grown quite a bit.

In other news, if the beautiful desktop calendar from Cari isn't enough, Amy from fAveritte Creations (who was one of my most recent sponsors in the September Giveaway) is hosting a handmade holiday giveaway on her blog. There's a ton of great stuff including a Start From Wherever You Are print from moi.  There's bibs, beanies, booties, ornaments, earrings and more. Not that you needed more, but that's the way Amy is. Stop over and enter. My print could use a little love.

Oh, by the way, lest you forget....we're on the two day countdown until the next Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It Link Up Party. You don't want to miss your chance to either promote yourself or discover new wonderful shops and blogs...or both! Be sure to be here Thursday for all the fun and games.

Have a super day today gang. I'll be enjoying an evening with my Champagne/Bookclub Gals, so mine is sure to end well.

see ya on the flip side,


  1. Thanks for featuring my handbag. It was a nice surprised when I clicked on your link to check out your page! I really like that vintage round tin. I'm such a fan of little boxes.

  2. Hi Ayla, more than welcome. love that bag. so bright and cheery and colorful. i love tins too. have a good few. even have some for the shop that i really need to list!

  3. Thank you for featuring my enamel pitcher !
    Your blog is really lovely...I'll come back !


    1. it's a lovely pitcher......thank you 5 little cups. thanks for swinging by --hope to see you here on the muse again!

  4. Hi from Hello Cotton!!! I LOVE 10 and 11! Ill be keeping up with you on BlogLovin!! Feel free to follow back!! Have a great week!


    1. Hi Tami.....ooooo, what a wonderful blog you have. I'm so glad you found me on hellocotton. Following you now and look forward to your next post. Enjoy the day.

  5. Your mama sounds like a riot ... Love how she reminded you that she too use to do paint clipboards. Sounds like the creative and entrepreneurial gene runs in your family. Wishing you a gorgeous week..xo HHL

    1. Oh my mother is a riot alright right Mom). I was downstairs in the basement with her yesterday and said, you know I have to do a post on how you guys encouraged creativity and this basement wall (which is painted with whatever we wanted to paint on it as kids). Her response, 'what's the big deal with paint on the basement wall?'. I said Mom, not 'everyone' lets their kids paint on the basement walls. Just sayin'. Don't mess with her though or you might get the dignam elbow.

  6. I love that your mama did the same thing with the clipboards and that you had no idea..that is too much!

    1. isn't that a hoot? she mentioned plastic lined beach bags she made too and I remember those. the thought of the clipboards is creeping back into my consciousness but i sure wish we could find one still hanging around. i'd love to see what she was painting!

  7. like you, I hate to see summer end...but it's about time for our ride up the mountains to see the leaves change on the Blue Ridge Parkway (amazing) and get some fresh apple cider on our way back down. :-)

    1. eXACTly Debbi. When I drove to Hampton yesterday the trees were really starting to change. It's beautiful around here. And cider and cider donuts are one of the fall traditions I make Gar particpate it. One must stop by Applecrest, if only to step into the farm store and smell the donuts cooking. Heaven.

  8. it's raining today... and i'm also not completely ready for the autumn but your choices sure brighten this dark morning :) thank you for featuring my brooch (and btw i love your blog!)

    1. raining here too joana. i'm so glad this post brought you a little sunshine. thanks for the kind words and btw, i love your shop. stop back again joana!

  9. Nice collection of Etsy finds. I love Eyelah's purses.
    Everyday Inspired

  10. love the classic shape of the clutch...it will never go out of style...and that fabric! ooo la la.


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