Monday, September 24, 2012

Things I Found & Overheard at the Party

The Party That Keeps On Giving

Hey guys. Hope this Monday finds you all well.  I'm a little tired because this party keeps rolling on. I love mingling with familiar faces and meeting new people at this little soirees.  It brings a smile on my face to see the neat things you've left behind and what's up on your blogs.

Here's what has tickled my fancy from the current Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It link up party (by the way, if you haven't linked  your shop and/or blog yet, the party is still going on so feel free to add your stuff):

1. & 2. notebook & mixed media art from messy bed studio
('my amazing thoughts'- what a great cover for a notebook!)

  3. bunting via quilted bliss by nadine
(thanks to nadine for the heads up on the erroneous link in my email party reminder)

4.  story of Fred Bear’s Hospital Visit via Coldham Cuddlies Calling
(How much do you love that Isobel takes care of patients who need mending)

5. Friendship bracelets via SunFlowerFreckles
(remember making these?)

6. Thrift Score via 20 north ora
(apparently I wasn't the only one who 'scored' this weekend)

7.  kitty cat softies via must have been the cat
(cute kitties from down under...wonder if they have an accent?)

8. & 9.  arrowhead ring and summer vacation link up via blue eyed owl
(have you been blogging about how you spent your summer? stop by liz's place an link up!)

10. gibbe hat via yankee burrow creations
(fabulous vintage hat! I could rock this for sure)

11. 6 things I made via trees.hides.
(funny thing is shirley found this fun little list link up via the content housewife and I found it via Ashley’s She Makes A Home- I plan on participating later this week. ***if anyone else wants to jump on this bandwagon, let me know and I'll link to your post from mine)

What did you find at the link party that went on your list of good stuff?

As I said above, the link party is still live, so if you know any other online shop/business owners or bloggers who are looking to get the word out about their stuff, can you point them this way? I want to support other handcrafters, artists and bloggers as much as possible, and the link party is one way I can pay it forward.

Of course, as always, if you were one of the shops or blogs highlighted today, if you have a blog, you can grab a 'featured here' button over in the righthand sidebar. 

So happy you're here today. It's at the top of my grateful list this first Monday of Fall.

Ciao for now,


  1. Thanks for the feature! I just #1 - the journal :)

    1. oh, you're welcome liz! love the ring and the post. i'm hate seeing summer go.

      ditto on the little journal...that title cracks me up.

  2. Thanks Pam for the feature - if folks are interested, have managed to post the second half of Fred's treatment today. He's back home, sitting in his favourite chair and telling everyone who is listening how good it is to be back! He's not been able to speak for many a decade, apparently!

    Thanks again for the support Pam!

    1. I am so happy to hear that Fred Bear has recovered enough to be discharged from the hospital Isobel. Especially that his is home,happy and chatting away. Kudos to you, Doctor I.

  3. oh wow, this is gorgeous. I feel honored to be featured in such good company. Thanks Pamela. *tweeted and facebooked and will be blogged soon.

    1. Hi Nadine.........honestly, everyone leaves such nice things behind. more than welcome and thanks for sharing!

  4. Pam - Thanks for the feature!! Appreciate it so much.


    1. Hi Judy, you are quite welcome. I appreciate you finding your way to the party without directions!

  5. Thanks so much for the feature Pam!

    1. more than welcome Cat. hope all is well in Tas. Lovin' your little cat brooches too. Funny faces! great to see you here in addition to t.i.

  6. Thanks for the feature, I love your blog!

    1. Hi Laura, you're so welcome. Love that pic of you and the kiddos doing 'see, hear, speak no evil'!

      hope things are good in Vacationland. :) My brother's family is in York (which is only 15 minutes north of us).

    2. I love that picture of us, I think it's my best picture since my face is hidden ;)

    3. lol laura! isn't that the way we all feel?

  7. oh, how cool!!! thank you, you made my day. I have your blog link button on my blog every day. :-)

  8. You're the best Debbi! thanks SO much. I really appreciate it.

    enjoyed the your 'story' today. great writing.

    btw, i'm the process of updating all my buttons and i know my gotta have it one really, really needs it. next on the list. i'll be sure to let you know when it is up and running. thanks for all your support.

  9. Replies
    1. me too. i have a thing for pictures of houses with 'windows'. i'm just nosey, always wondering what was going on behind those windows.

  10. thanks so much for the feature pam! feels amazing to be in such good company. will be blogging about it soon! and grabbing a button :)

  11. Good morning Pam!

    I really love these collages you put together! This one's gorgeous!
    Those kitties are so adorable :) The vintage hat is fabulous!
    Hope you have a great week, my friend. Best wishes,
    Duni xo

    1. Hi Duni, I hope this day brings you some sunshine since it's been a little scarce for you over summer. Aren't those cats sweet? Cat has been on the etsy team I captain (treasury island) since I can remember. She also has some great supplies and also has a few other shops, and even makes really wonderful clutches.

      I bet you could 'rock' that hat too. Classic style and ooo, a rhinestone to top it off. how can you go wrong?


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