Monday, August 13, 2012

Photo Challenge: Day 8

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It's In The Details

Happy Monday gang. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. We did. Had a great 'neighborhoodlum Friday night' in Tom's garage. We tend to gather there for appies and a cocktail.

We did in fact top that off with a little youtube dancing as predicted. Ya just can't stop us. This is one of our new favorites to do a little 'livin'-room-kitchen-jive' to, the Smoking Time Jazz Club. Don't be misled. We are not this smooth, but it's really all about having fun. Good thing my husband plays along because I'm a dancing fool.  If you're reading via mobile or email, click here.

Beyond that we enjoyed a John Wayne Saturday night (you can't begin to imagine how darn happy that made me, and for once I'm not being sarcastic). We also both had lists and checked things off. Wahooli! Not that there isn't more, but it's always good to take care of at least some things on the list. 

Onto today's photo challenge. Isn't it funny how you can simply not even notice things if you don't take the time to look around?  I'm constantly saying this to Gar when we're on vacation and I'm trying to take pictures and he's rushing by. He misses stuff. It's as simple as that. Here's what our photo challenge participants caught by taking it a little slower and looking closer and finding the details.

Bonnie and her family took a quick trip to San Fran to escape the triple digit heat at home.

'House Of Chocolate', via Bonnie, at {PaperKeeper}

You guessed it. Ghiradelli Chocolate! This part of the beautiful facade from their old building. Oh how they used to know how to adorn everything to make it special, even buildings.

Speaking of buildings, the detail of the buildings in San Francisco are one of the reasons Bonnie loves it. Very charming.

'all in a row', via Bonnie at {PaperKeeper}

How great is the detail on this Oreo Cookie Cow. Whenever I see them, they make me chuckle. I've always had a thing for cows. I'm so glad Karen captured this one. Honestly, how great is this cow?

'oreos and milk', via Karen at Bridgit's Bell

Karen is also capturing a bit of .....shall we say.....anatomical correctness in this Goddess doll she's making. Apparently, it has provoked a few comments. What a hoot.

'i'm a goddess afterall', via Karen at Bridgit's Bell

I'm with Karen on this one.....Why the mops? For some reason, even though they appear to be mops, this makes me think that perhaps Father Virgil Homer McDaniel (quite a name Father), was one of the early quidditch players.

'he cleaned up well', via Karen at Bridgits Bell

Of course, there's always great detail in flowers if you take time to stop and smell them.

Here's one of the things Garrett missed. We were walking away from Grand Central and we passed this non-descript building. Except it wasn't so non-descript afterall. All the way up one side of both corners of the building were these insets with all types of people....a soldier, a pioneer, a young girl with her doll. The next time we're there, I'd like to get more info on this building. I'm sure there is a reason for these details and I bet it's interesting.

'you take the high road', via Pam at Mercantile Muse

I'll give my husband this, he always takes time to take in the details of Grand Central Terminal with me. It's one amazing building. One of my favorite features are the beautiful windows that lead to the blue ceiling adorned with constellations, complete with twinkling star lights.

Of course, details can be found whether you're in the city or the country. Our corner of the country includes the beach.

I love the utter gnarliness of barnacles. If you've never stepped on a stone with barnacles, I'm here to tell you.... it hurts. They're rough, they're tough and they cling on for life once they've attached themselves to something.

'rough around the edges', via Pam at Mercantile Muse

Even the details of a flower past is beautiful and Cari-Jane is forever noticing these little things. I love that about her and her work.

Who would ever think to put this kind of detail on a hinge? See what I mean about how they used to adorn everything beautifully? Kathy really had to be looking close to catch this detail.

Now if you look really, really close at this picture you'll find my favorite part. Kathy not only captured the hinge, but also a Texas cowboy just inside the door. So awesome.

If you'd like to join in the photo challenge, we'd love to have ya. This is a no pressure challenge and just for fun. You'll find more details here.

And what could be more fun then a giveaway with over $150 worth of handmade goods? If you haven't entered yet, there is still time. This is something you do not want to miss.

Did you miss the walk in the park yesterday? What a beautiful spot to take in some details.

Enjoy the beginning of a new week and make it a great one.

Ciao for now,


  1. Pam, I especially like your shot of the sand flower, I have taken a lot of these, they are so interesting!

  2. Oh, how I love the row houses in San Fran! And the blending of the old and new, so very cool. We'll be there next month, we'll see what I can capture!

    1. so lucky to have that to look foward to. my sister and bil loved it when they visited, and of course Bonnie, below you here- is a regular....when it gets hot~
      looks so pretty

  3. I am just loving the photos this week {but I say that every week..sigh!] and the small details we probably overlook every day!
    Am loving that video...yay! Love dancing and that is just fab! Brightened me right up today!
    and loving that Kathy loves the row houses in San think of all the times I have walked right on by...thanks for the opportunity to stop and notice the little things! Great job!

    1. oh yeah girl.....that video had us cuttin' a rug. ok, not really since we don't have a rug in living room at the moment, but we did trip the light fantastic.

      thank YOU for taking the time to notice the little things.


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