Friday, July 13, 2012

Take A Ride & Freeform Friday

Getting Some Air

It's been pretty hot here. Let me remind you, 'round these parts it's Summer. Hot is good. I can even stand humid thanks to the pool. However, last weekend the air was a bit oppressive so as I mentioned, we took a ride and headed to the coast. It was really just about getting some air moving around us.  We rode up through Pease Tradeport and saw a couple of planes, one taking off, one a guard plane probably picking up supplies.

We continued over the bridge into Maine (as you can see by this picture).

Past one of many boat clubs in this area. Would be great to have a boat, wouldn't it? Even better to have a boat that came with a Captain so you could just sit back and enjoy. Whoops, dreaming of what I'll do with my lottery winnings again. Sorry about that.

Gar took me to a secret beach. OK, it's not really a secret, but it was to me. I think my sister in law might have actually been their yesterday! See what I mean about it not really being a secret?

We were greeted by these two old buddies.

.....and then this view.

The air was so heavy you could hardly see the two sail boats to the left of this guy. Just a couple of specs on the horizon.  

Then 'over the river......

 ....and through the woods'.

Finally, a little history as we hit Portsmouth, past the William Whipple House. He was a signer of the Declaration of the Independence.

If you've been around the Muse for long, you've seen my husband in the same exact spot before. Our favorite corner at RiRa, a great Irish pub. We had a certificate, so why not? He went for the cottage pie and I had the fish and chips which is always great. Gar said the same about the Guinness.

In case you missed it, the current Gotta Have It/Gotta Blog It Link Up Party is going on right at this very moment. You can either scroll down to the next post, or you can click here and it will bring you right to it so you can link up your shop or blog if you've got one. If you don't, you can take a look around and find lots of wonderful shops and blogs all in one place. You won't believe the stuff I've already got my eye on for Monday's post.

If you've got a chance to swing over and wish my blogging/etsy pal Angie at Knick of Time a Happy Blogaversary, it might be worth your while.  She's got a bunch of giveaways going on to celebrate. Check them all out in her right sidebar. I mean, there is some GREAT stuff to be had. Happy blogaversary Angie!

Freeform Friday

Mom sent me this video yesterday and I just had to share. Oh how I love dancing. It just makes me so happy. Watching people dance makes me just as happy.  Enjoy. (if you're reading via email, click here)

Have a fantastic Friday. I will most definitely be in the pool at some point, but not before I'm done at my desk. Don't ya just hate that?

Thanks for being here, it means a lot.


  1. Nice drive! Makes me feel like I was just there even though it has been a while. Have a great weekend!

    1. It was a nice drive. Just good to get the air moving around you. the pictures are kind of 'blah' just because the air was so heavy.

  2. Absolutely beautiful! Wishing you a lovely weekend. xoxo, B

    1. Loved that 'new to me' beach. Will have to go back with a picnic basket for sure.


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