Thursday, July 19, 2012

Caught My Eye

Favorite Finds

Just a few things that have caught my eye recently. Isn't that one of the best things about the biggo world wide web? That your mind gets to wander all over the world and find the most wonderful things.

Amanda Gomes has put together a wonderful magazine that I dare say, left me 'delighted'. All sorts of topics to wander through from home, work, style and more. Which reminds me, it's left me wanting more. Kudos to Amanda for a fine premier issue and for doing something I still am only dreaming about.

If I didn't already have a wonderful bar cabinet that my Dad made me (not it's original intent, it's based on a colonial design for a 'water chest' man's water is another's wine I guess), I'd have this fabulous bar cart from Ada & Darcy on my wish list. Oh my, that Mrs. Darcy has a great eye.

Now this is a crafty-how-to from Inhabit that I think I could handle. It reminds of the lanterns that hang in the 'watering hole' (there's that water thing again) on M*A*S*H. Plus, you'd be upcycling at the same time as creating a great outdoor splash of light. Wouldn't these look great at your next party?

Another great thing about the biggo world wide web, is that it is in fact like a web. You connect with people through other sites and people. That's how I found Angela at Inherent Style in LA, who found Mercantile Muse through Cari-Jane at HybridHandmade. So neat the way that happens. Well, let me tell you, Ms. Angela has got some guts. Look what she did to her fireplace!

I love the way it mimics all the colors of the books that line the side of the fireplace. I also think it's cool because it's completely unexpected.

Also while 'in la', I really enjoyed taking a walk with Angela through the cool neighborhood near her home. 

Chandliers in trees? Why the hell not? I'm in love. Not sure I could pull it off, but I do seriously love them.

What's caught your eye on your travels around the world wide web lately? Have you been pinning things or sharing them on your blog? Share a link in your comments if you like, I think it would be cool to see what 'caught your eye'.

Have a fabulous day.

ta ta for now,


  1. love the chandelier in the fun would that be? My husband would think I'm crazy if I tried that but so cool! Beautiful goodies!

    1. oh man, i'm gonna be on the lookout for a chandelier that would work. a light one would be way too cute in my screen house tent too. just another idea.............

  2. Absolutely beautiful things.. I especially love the chandelier!
    xoxo, B

    1. b, can you even stand the chandeliers in the tree? and that they're wired? can you imagine how damn pretty that looks at night?

  3. What beautiful finds! Those are pretty lamps from Inhabit! And chandeliars on trees...I don't think I am that daring!

    1. you have to check out the inabit how to for those can lanterns Reshma. Definitely doable!


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