Friday, June 29, 2012

She's Going To Love This.....Maybe Not

All Hail The Queen of Crafts

Craft Wars. It was a bloody battle.  The judges were not kind. They  were not wise enough to see the ingenuity behind my blogging pal Traci's creative duffle bag. I think maybe they didn't have their eyes open or the smart hats on, because I thought Traci 'brought it' and took care of business. You see, Traci of All Things Luci Rae had been keeping something under her own hat for awhile, she was going to be on the first episode of Craft Wars on TLC, hosted by Tori Spelling.

As you can summise from the above, Traci did not fair well at the judges table, however she rocked it. She gave it her all and that's all anyone can ask. You see, they brought out a big bin with things you'd find in a Mom know, from shuffling the kiddos from one thing to another. Footballs, ballet slippers, cheerleading uniforms and even tennis rackets.....ah, the imfamous tennis racket. More on that in a second.  Traci and the other two contestants, who were battling it out for $10,000 (said in my best Dr. Evil voice with pinky finger to the corner of my mouth), were to use whatever they could from this big bin and also had use of the dreamy 'craft closet'.  Each contestant also brought along a helper.The other two gals brought their husbands. Traci brought Pops, who you'll find is a helper extraordinaire if you read a little over on All Things Luci Rae.  Back to the challenge, the crafters were charged with creating a duffle bag from the big bin of items and the the craft closet.

Our own Traci, chose to focus on the big bin and only used the craft closet for the cord of her bag.  She used a cheer skirt for the top, cheer top for the sides and yes.....a tennis raquet for the bottom of the bag so all those stinky things could air out. Genius, right? 

Here's Pops about to cut off the handle of the tennis raquet. Nice job Pops.

(Sorry these pictures really stink, I was taking them while the episode was running on TV. I was distracted and more more excited about seeing Traci, kind of 'in person' and to hear her voice for the first time, than taking good pics. I apoligize for my misplaced priorities.)

I thought it was super dooper. The judges, not so much. You see, two of the sewing machines the crafters had available to them broke while they were making their bags, so Traci, who is a crafter extraoridinaire not a seamstress extraordinaire (I mean, that would be a different show, wouldn't it?), chose to hot glue the hell out of the tennis raquet to position it at the bottom of the bag.

The judges weren't real keen on that idea, wondering out loud, 'would it be strong enough to hold two basketballs'? Who the heck is carrying around two basketballs in their duffle bag? Wouldn't two basketballs necessitate an equipment bag? I digress. 

This one little thing is what brought down my favorite contestant on Craft Wars. The other two bags were nifty too, but Traci utilized the bin of sports stuff the best, at least in my humble opinion. Add to that, that her bag was complete which couldn't be said for all (though the one that wasn't quite complete...thanks to this poor crafter's luck at trying to spray glue and then sew....was pretty darn snappy).

So, it all ended too soon and Traci was sent to pack up her glue gun and go home. Seriously, that's what Tori said to her. Crack me up.

At least Traci and Pops got some free time from packing up the glue gun early. They got to get out and about and do the tourist thing, and the best of all, they have a super fun (and sometimes nauseating according to Traci) memory of the crazy ride they took together.

I say, kudos to you Traci Remley for having the guts to be on Craft Wars. You are the Queen of Crafts in my book. If they had asked the contestants to make a lampshade with sweet rosettes, or refinish the ugliest nightstand, you would have been crowned the victor. No doubt at all. 

You may have been 'mortified', but I was just darn happy to see one of my blogging pals on TV!

You get two thumbs up in my book because, well, that's all I've got.

Sunset Meadows

And the Queen of Crafts rode off into the sunset with her trusty glue gun.............

The following night the sunset was even more striking. A golden display.

Wish I'd walked across the street for the shot, but again, there is something about the way the wires frame things that I sometimes like.

And last night's.............

Our scoop for the weekend will be all yard and house stuff and getting ready for the 4th. Perhaps we'll get a campfire in, but it may be too hot. If it is, you know what that means, don't you? I'll be in the pool swimming about in all my glory.  What are your plans for the weekend?

Freeform Friday

In honor of the never say die attitude demonstrated by Traci on Craft Wars, a little ditty for the champion in all of us.  Click here if you're reading by email.

I KNOW you're singing.......................

Have one heck of a fantastic Friday. Thanks, as always, for being here.


  1. Hooray for our girl Traci! Thanks for the shots- I still haven't gotten to see it yet- but that bag looks pretty darn good for being made of sports equipment and hot glue. Give the girl a gold star!!

    1. for sure.....loved the incorporation of the cheer uniform too. she definitely gets the gold star.

  2. I know, wasn't it fun to see someone we "know" on TV? I thought she looked cute as a button and did a fine job -- and her dad too! Too much fun.

    1. it was WAY too much fun. OMG, look, it's traci!! she did look cute as a button. i think all three of them deserve the thumbs up for having the nerve to craft something in a tv competition. YIKES!

  3. I thought it was going to be like one of those Project Runway challenges where they can only use items bought at a pet store to make their outfit and the judges get mad when they pick the most fabric like materials, so I thought the tennis racket was a great idea. I will say that the one lady's unfinished bag would have been amazing if she had a little more looked professional. Anyway, I'm not sure why the judges had such a problem with her hot gluing the, isn't this Craft Wars and not Sewing Wars. I think the hot glue gun is most crafters best weapon. Their freakin' "logo" is Tori with a hot glue gun!

    Oh, and I thought the outside of the winning play house was ADORABLE! That lady had some seriously cleaver ideas.

    1. LOL..............the logo has tori with a hot glue gun. crack me up. i loved the tennis racket idea...nice way to air all the stinky stuff out. and you're right sam, a hot glue gun is a crafters most important weapon.

  4. I loved that show and was with you - I thought Traci's bag was genius! A cool solution for stinky clothes, etc...It was a great episode and you did an awesome recap! I don't 'know' Traci, but you can bet I will go check our her blog fo-sho!

    Have a great weekend getting ready for you big par-tay..looks like a blast!

    1. you will love All Things Luci Rae....traci is always up to something- she's a refinishing master!

      personally, i think your zip line looked like a blast!

  5. Thanks for sharing this! I heard about the episode but did not watch it. I definitely will start following Traci's blog. Thanks for the "inside scoop."

    1. I think you'd enjoy it Sarah. And you should definitely see if you can find a rerun of the show so you can traci put it.....the 'first loser' on Craft Wars :)

  6. LOL, you guys are going to make me cry!!! It was such a crazy ride... I am actually heating up my glue gun as we speak. As I said on the episode, and stand by it still, hot glue is like the duct tape of the crafting world!! Thanks for all the awesome support. It makes me feel so much better for being the first looser ever on this awesome show. haha, I guess it is kind of cool that I am the first looser ever on this show right!

    1. I love it! heating up the glue gun as we speak. Too funny. Dang girl, you got a holster for that thing?


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