Monday, May 7, 2012

Things I Found & Overheard At The Party

Oh, The Things People Leave Behind!

Hi gang. Happy Monday. As usual, lots of interesting things and blogs left to enjoy after last week's Gotta Have It, Gotta Blog It Link Up Party.  Where to begin.........

How about the SuperMoon that rose Saturday night? PureDichotomy's necklace is the perfect 'ode' to that big, beautiful moon.

Serene Raku Moonface and Sterling Silver Pendant on Cord

Do you have a party coming up? Looking to add a pop of fun?  Well Tori at Oh Craft has got you covered.

Oh Craft!

These party sparklers would make any party even happier. What could make them even better? They're easy!

If you're even craftier and good with a knitting needle, this vintage needle kit is for you. I just love the way this kit from yankeeburrowcreations is 'neat'......'a place for everything, everything in its place'.

Vintage Boye Needle Master knitting needles set

I absolutely love the way Stola12 creates some of their art with triangles.  Take this bull for instance.  Nearly like a constellation. Very, very cool.

Bull head triangles print 11 X 14

If you lean towards brighter colors, did you see this wall art from Stola12 at the beginning of this post? Up, Up & Away. I'm a little smitten with this one, perhaps because I can actually make an origami bird?

Up Up & Away - 8X10

When I say you never know what you'll find when you look around the party, I mean it. It's true. I happened to find myself.  No kidding. Crack me right up.

Kathy at Double Nickels and Beyond was so thoughtful to include me in her post titled 'Saluting Creativity and Generosity'. Blushing over the nice things she said.  While you're there, check out the wonderful stuff Kathy has found on etsy.

Double Nickels and Beyond

Kathy is also a wonderful artist who has her own etsy shop, and who I suspect designed that cuter than cute logo of her riding the Double Knickel bike in her flip flops. Super sweet.

Then I stopped by Little Nostalgia, Paige's blog via her link at the party and found an updated picture of her office wall, looking nicely finished. 

Right smack dab in the middle is my boomerang print. So cool to see my work displayed!

Our little party also re-introduced me to someone I've known for a good while, but who has a whole new look, name and attitude No, she didn't have plastic surgery. Kristen, formerly of bythebookpaper, who has been nice enough to give us all a tutorial on how to make paper heart garlands, and who has hung out at the Muse since the beginning, is re-branding her etsy shop and blog.'ll find miloandmolly on etsy.....

and in blogland.....

milo and molly

MiloandMolly (super cute new name) will prevent Kristen from being pigeon-holed to make only paper goods.  Miloandmolly will allow her to explore other sewing.  How awesome is this tea towel?

Flour Sack Tea Towel with Dresden Plate Embellishment in Red and Aqua

OK, obviously, I could go on and on about the things left behind at the party, but enough from me. What did you find at the party that you would love to have or that you had to bookmark?

Hey, by the way, if any of you are interested in having a tutorial like Kristen's featured, I'm all ears. You can shoot me a line at with your idea and then we can chat about whether it's a good fit for Mercantile Muse.

I do hope you all have been enjoying the party as much as I have. Remember, if you know anyone else who might benefit from a little free promotion, the party is still open for new links.

Have a great Monday. The sun is shining here and it is quite welcome to stay around, though the weatherman seems to have something else planned.

Ciao for now,

PS- thanks for your good thoughts for my Dad's eye specialist appointment. It's appreciated.


  1. Replies
    1. more than welcome tori...thanks for finding your way to mercantile muse

  2. My boys liked !

    1. how fun are those kitty softies? and mhbtc has always got FUN supplies. :)

  3. Wow, Pam! Thanks so much for the big mention! The changeover has been a lot of work, but so worth it. I am so happy with the new name!! I can't wait to start adding some more new products, but oh, to find the time.

    1. I think it will be GREAT change kristen. It's something you've been thinking about for awhile. Lots of work but I think it will payoff!

  4. Great finds! Milo and Molly is SO cute.

    1. Kristen is a great gal and I do think this will give her some more leeway for different products.

  5. Replies
    1. right traci? now, i admit, i only know how to make origami swan, but might have to learn that great that the print gives you instructions!

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