Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Wishing I Was Here

St. Patrick's Day is a day of mixed emotions for us. We always have fun celebrating, but in our heart of hearts we wish were with our family and friends here:

James Toner's, Baggot Street

having one of these

if we could score the snug like we did two years ago, we'd be very happy
(as you can see by Gar's face)

and if we weren't there, then perhaps we'd be here at Connolly's aka The Sheds
(this was leah's first visit)

or maybe walking along the river liffey

then again, we might be at toddy's in the Gresham Hotel

or we might be enjoying the parade

of course, if Niall was cooking, we'd probably be here, in his and Caragh's kitchen

 if the ferris wheel was up, we'd have to take a ride to see Dublin from above

we might take a walk up the Christ Church

of course, we've also been known to hang out in Fran & Fiona's kitchen

or maybe Gar and Gra would be cutting a rug at the Gardai Club

then again, we might just stay at James Toner with.............

missing dublin today, we'll do our best to muddle through


  1. Ohhh Happy St. Patrick's Day to you! Be merry and happy - and although you aren't where you want to be you are where you are meant to be! x

    1. We were quite happy where we were. Just always makes us miss our other-side-of-the-atlantic family.

  2. Well, despite the fact that you didn't make it to Dublin this year, I hope that you had a very happy St Patrick's Day. :)

    1. We DID have a great St. Patrick's day. It was a beautiful day. Had a really nice full irish breakfast. The neighbor's and our pal Charlie stopped by for some merriment. And we got to skype with dublin so all was right with the world!


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