Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Favorite Finds: Look On The Bright Side

Antidote for a Gray, Misty Day

Kind of bleak here today. Gray, misty, a little rain mixed in. Last night we had some wicked thunder and lightning move through. A little odd after having a snow storm on Saturday that dropped about 12 inches on us, to have a Spring thunderstorm 2 days later.

So to combat the ugly weather blues, here's a selection of etsy favorites that are sure to brighten things up.

A fantastically happy pink ponytail holder from my etsy pal and fellow Dublin afficiando Miki Martinez in Madrid. Now, Miki has tons of awesome vintage finds, but she has now added these great scrunchies to her shop.

Handmade Elastic Japanese Fashion PonyTail Holder.n2

I will now be embarrased to wear my ugly ponytail holders. I'm not kidding, they're downright ugly compared to Miki's.

I don't know about you, but I spent a lot of time as a kid playing Barrel Full of Monkeys.  This necklace from Hearsay Designs is a hoot and half!

Barrel of Monkeys Chain Necklace - Red Blue or Yellow

How could you not feel bright and cheery wearing a barrelful of yellow monkeys?

I love all of Josh Freidman's photos. It might be because oneo f his favorite subjects is NYC. Then again, it could be that he's just a darn good photographer. The color and the subject in this one get equal billing for brightening my day.

Children Playing in Fountain - Fine Art Photograph Print - 8"X12" on metallic paper (Other sizes are available)

Well, I can't say I'd ever thought of putting the Virgin Mary in a cigar box, but I absolutley love this upcycled box from shrinefairy. I think it's a beautiful shrine.

Colorful Mary Cigar Box Shrine

I'll have to be happy dreaming about being able to pull this number, by Wonderhand, off. The colors, the herringbone-stitch-fish-scale design, the hand knitting- I love it all. Hhhhmmm......I think I could rock this look as a vest.

Multicolored Little Dress: Siren. Handmade, New Collection 2012

Oh, this bracelet by ACuteCute would make me happy every time I wore it.

Brown Leather Color Wax Rope Adjustable Charming Bracelet-With Rainbow

At $4, I might just have seriously consider that one! As my mother Marge would say, "How could I leave it here for that?". Right Mom?

What? The sun shines in your house? It certainly does with this lamp from FiligreeCreations!

Table lamp, accent lamp, night light Little Sunshine, Contemporary design interior accent by FiligreeCreations on Etsy

Flip the switch and POW, right in the kisser. Sunshine yellow happiness.

More colorful photography from my etsy & facebook friend Leona of LeesWhimsys.

Hydrangea 5 x 7 Photo Art Vivid Color Blues Yellows Creams Flowers Gardening

Just loving the texture and the colors Leona explored in this shot of a hydrangea. Stunning.

And one more pop of electric blue from VintageByShevva.

ROYAL BLUE 1980's Vintage BLAZER

That 80s blazer rocks!

I'm feeling brighter and cheerier already. How about you?

Hope your Wednesday is going well. I can't believe it is the middle of the week already.  I've been working on ad design and logo/branding design today....what's on your plate?

Ciao for now,


  1. SuperPam !! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!This means a lot to me♥! Big xxx & Love from Spain☆彡

  2. And you did brighten my day! These are ALL fantastic! Thanks for including me and my photo!
    Always so lovely when others enjoy your creations!

  3. We are having a tremendously beautiful Wednesday... sorry. ;) I love the hydrangea photo, the other water one is pretty awesome too. The monkeys made me smile, I used to play that all the time too! Thanks for all of the Etsy finds, such wonderful treasures. :)

    1. oh, no worries Melinda, as long as someone has sun! still nothing today........gray and ugly. but on a good note it's supposed to be almost HOT this weekend! and oh how i loved a barrel full of monkeys

  4. In Pennsylvania & New Jersey it was a wonderful, spring-like day...& I was stuck all day in my office. Your blog definitely brought a smile to my face. Thanks for including my photo!

  5. I'm glad it was spring-like back East. It was chilly (and I know that's a relative term; my right coast co-workers never feel sorry for me) and windy in the San Diego area. I love the hydrangea photo! Reminds me...I need to put some bluing in mine tomorrow.

  6. Love this cheerful and colorful post, Pam! That hydrangea photo is amazing. Love the kids in the fountain--it almost vibrates with energy and joy :)

    Have a great day,


  7. I am madly in love with the monkey necklace - My kids would go nuts if I wore it around. It's like a fashion statement and a toy all in one ;D


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