Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Good Out Of Bad

The Bright Side

Even though our last few days have been sad, there was also some good stuff mixed in. 

Here's a few.

There is finally a decent hotel in Yonkers. The Marriott Residence Inn was lovely, clean, and convenient.  The staff was very nice including Maria (with sister Di), who had earned 4 stars before we even arrived.

The rooms even had a nice sitting area (and a kitchen with full size fridge) where we enjoyed Cocktail Hour and a toast to Bo upon our  arrival.

The rooms also had a seriously comfortable bed.

We got facetime with Uncle Bobby (my Mother's baby brother) and Aunt Joan.

We had even more facetime with people we love including Tina and Gina......

..........Di and Choppy.

Jesse made us all laugh (like grandfather, like grandson).

We got to do google eyes with our old pal Gav. Don't ask.

We had a glimpse of the city from the GW.

There was blue sky above us on the upper deck.

Took a ride through the old neighborhood in the Bronx, past my off-campus apartment. 35-92 was still standing. The same couldn't be said for the Stella d'Oro's house which was now an apartment building.

Drove by Van Cortland Park where my Grampy Dignam used to play cricket on Sundays. Cricket or soccer? Hmmmm, now I'm not sure, but I'll go with cricket. It was probably both.

We miss New York and wish we were closer or at least got to visit more. We'll have to work on changing that.

Do you miss someplace special? 



  1. I miss places I haven't even lived! I often dream about one place or another and imagine how wonderful it would be to live there. It's not that I'm too dissatisfied with the Midwest, I just must be a born dreamer. How nice for you to get to go back to the old stomping grounds, just sorry it had to be for a sad reason.

    1. Lynette, that's too funny!!! I dream a lot about that know, picking out new places just in case we win the lottery!

  2. I'm a Cali transport, originally from Philadelphia. I miss it sometimes, but I'm a June baby and the weather in CA just stole my heart :)

    1. Wow K, that's a LONG way from home. If anything were to steal my heart it would probably be weather like you get. That or anywhere in Italy no matter the weather. :)


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