Thursday, December 29, 2011

It's All Over So Soon

Another Christmas Gone

Hi all.  Sorry I've been scarce, I've had a rotten bug since before Christmas and it just won't give up the ghost. 

Despite feeling lousy, I had a great holiday. I hope you did as well.

Thursday night, the neighborhoodlums stopped by.

Joanie brought Lucan a chewable Christmas card. Sandee and Gerry baked their yearly 'Coogans'........cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning. Joanie and Tom gave us a new pine bench (see it on the left?) Tom made with native wood he milled himself. It's awesome.

Missed getting a picture of Gerry, but he was here.

Gar was nice enough to help me with our Christmas baking so it was ready to give out when they stopped by (more on that in another post).

Christmas Eve we were off to sister Gloria's, as was the whole famn-damily.

Great nephew Cayd had tupperware on his list to Santa. We were happy to oblige with a big bin full of the stuff.

While he was busy getting the Santa hat he wanted out of one of the tupperware containers, great niece Sophia danced up a storm with Glo's lifesize singing and dancing Santa with help from Auntie Cait.  She didn't stop all night. She just kept dancing, and dancing and dancing.

Once Cayd got his new Santa hat out of the tupperware, he gave out some Christmas lovin'.

Our family friend Donna and niece Nicole chatted in the kitchen. 

Niece Maddie got a great travel bag from Grammy and Grampy. I had my eye on it.

However, I had my own presents to open. Please excuse the same sweater and shirt I've had on in every picture since November. I really do have other clothes.  Feeling as lousy as I did, it was all about comfort Christmas Eve. 

Some of the girls were styling and smiling.

Nephew Pat was happy to get a Kittery Trading Post shirt from Grammy and Grampy. Now he's officially one of the big boys. Right Pat?

Niece Maddie made Grammy mittens she upcycled from a sweater! Awesome!

Cayd was still busy with his Bin O'Tupperware.

He was enthralled by the sandwich bags that were in the bin and were also on his list. He was pretty psyched about the spatula too. Funny stuff.

He took a break to help Great Grammy and Great Grampy open their big gift from the gang......a brick. I know, it doesn't sound exciting, but it was.

It was a replica of the brick with their name on it, that is now part of Fenway Park! Even the Yankees fans present (me and Gar and brother Mike) liked this one.

Though I may have been even happier with my new Stanley Cup Champions Bruins Winter Hat. I know, I'm ever the Fashion Plate.

Got a picture of Mom before she got me. Take that!

Nephew Pat horned in on his niece Sophia's 'dancin' with Santa' territory.

As we left Briar Road, it started to flurry. Perfect timing just in time for Christmas.

It continued on and off the next morning.

We enjoyed our annual Christmas Mimosas as we opened our presents and stockings.  Again, please keep in mind I was not a well girl and it shows.

I spent the rest of the day pretty much under the afghan on the couch, cozy by the fire.  Not a bad place to be.

All in all, another wonderful Christmas gone by. I hope yours was as nice.

Are you ready for the New Year?

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