Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Review and Take a Walk With Us

Another One Gone

Boy do the weekends fly. Well, the weeks have been too for that matter.  We hung close to home.  Friday I cooked up some homemade chicken fingers, then we got our YouTube groove on, and did a little living room dancing.

Saturday I worked at my desk and was happily interrupted by the transatlantic Skypers from our niece's birthday party in Dublin.  They were having a grand time. Missy Moo (Leah) is now three and she was looking like she'd been enjoying the party. 

I love this 'Are you looking at me' picture of her and gar. She was just a wee lass then. 

And our niece Micha celebrated sweet 16 yesterday (on left, pictured with our nieces Caroline and Rachel). Where does the time go?  Beautiful girls.

Other than that, Gar did his best Dick Van Dyke impersonation as he swept the chimney. He also cut and grooved the reclaimed wood desktop calendar holders that will be going in the shop just as soon as I finish the calendar design that will go with them. I know. I'm behind the 8-ball, but I did work on it yesterday.

Then I decided it was time to get away from the computer. Can you relate?

Take A Walk With Us

It was ridiculously warm yesterday.  Got a few loads of laundry hung out and dried. It was balmy, even.

Lucan and I took off for the field, which welcomed us with the prettiest sparkling grass.

The barn got cheeky again and gave us another wink.

We went into the woods a ways yesterday.  When we came out and were walking along the tree line, I heard something. Not sure what. It was either a deer leaping off, or Sasquatch threw a rock at us that bounced.

Off To Texas

The packages are off to Texas today, where our newest customer is now the proud owner of a wonderful hobnail milk glass vase and the sweetest ironstone bowl. This is how I wrap up purchases, with simple brown Kraft paper and ribbon.  It's actually linen ribbon yarn, which is available at Bates Mercantile Co. (well not the natural color, as I saved all that for our packaging....but magenta, mango and light grape).  I usually take a moment to decorate the outside of the package things are shipped in too. It's nice to get pretty, happy mail instead of just bills. Right?

Sunset Meadows

As the hound and I started back to the house from the field yesterday, the sun bid adieu.

So, how was your weekend? Was it full. Did you get time to slow down or was it pedal to the metal?

Happy Monday. Make it count.

catch you on the rebound,


  1. VERY nice photos! I'm partial to leaf photos but the barn winking is very fun! TFS

  2. Lovely photos. "I'm lichen this" ! Funny :-) And I love the barn wink! This looks like such a peaceful place to have a walk.....I can almost hear the noises...the quiet, the birds, the leaves crunching underfoot. Just peaceful. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  3. Laura,funny thing is,yesterday and today on the way out of the field. I just stood their for a minute and listened, took a few deep breaths watching the sunset. Very peaceful and very lucky to have a great field across the street.


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