Saturday, November 5, 2011

Just Up The Road on My Birthday And The Winner Is

Just Up The Road

Yesterday, the baby of the family (that would be me) turned 46.  How the heck did that happen? In honor of the occasion, I took the afternoon off and went wandering with my sister Dianne.  First stop was French Door Antiques, a lovely little shop I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. Only problem was, I'd forgotten to put my memory card back in the camera so I didn't get to take pictures.

This time I was prepared. Proprietors Dolly (who I haven't met  in person yet) and Debbie (who I met yesterday), and their assistant Kathryn, really pack a lot of wonderful things into the space that they have. Just the way I like an antique shop. So many things to look at, your eye doesn't know where to go first.

The beadwork on that bodice was spectacular.

Honestly, that french enamelware stacked lunch/picnic set was in fantastic condition. 

The ladies are having an open house next Saturday. In case you live nearby, or want to take a road trip, French Door Antiques is located at 780 Portsmouth Avenue in Greenland, NH.  It's chock full of great finds and well worth a visit.

After French Door, we headed to Target to return some lampshades Di had bought that didn't work with her lamps.

This is what we were greeted by in the parking lot, from last weekend's storm.


I feel bad for the people who are still without power, and there are plenty of them.  That storm brought so many trees down and really made a mess.

Onto the Celebration 

After the afternoon jaunt, we were off to 10 Tobey Street- my parent's house and where I grew up in Hampton (a mile from lucky).  I was really  hoping that Dad had gotten the big, honkin' USA caught shrimp he usually gets in for birthday celebrations.

I was not disappointed. They were truly colossal.

Can you say yum? You don't have to ask me twice if I'd like one.

Here's Mom/Marge enjoying her port wine and new chair.

The official birthday picture.

And, one of photographer Di (who is usually the flip video director, not the photographer) trying to pose like a model which is obviously amusing Mom.

Sorry Di, I had to include this one. Mom is cracking up.

It was a lovely birthday cocktail hour on the porch. My parent's make something out of everyone's birthday.  It's always nice to feel special. Life is good.

When we got home, the dog pretended that he'd been partying all day.

He was zonked.

Honestly, he hadn't been partying. He'd pretty much been in this position all day.

It's a tough life, but someone has got to do it.

Out Of The Hat

Points have been tallied, names have gone into the hat, and Gar has picked out the winner of our latest giveaway.....drum roll please.......
Sara from Royal Regards, come on down! 

Congratulations to Sara who has one this sweet little number.  I'll be in touch to get your address. 

Keep your eyes out this week for our next giveaway.

Moonrise Meadows

Missed the sunset last night, but caught a glimpse of the moon coming through the trees as I was heading to bed. It was big and bright yellow.


Happy Saturday everyone. I think the b-day celebration will continue (we like to milk them in my family) tonight. At some point we're going to enjoy a nice meal at my friend's restaurant, but tonight we're thinking campfire.

Ciao for now


  1. Happy birthday Pamela! I hope you keep on celebrating right through the weekend. It only comes around once a year after all. Looks like such a fun antique shop, thanks for sharing a peek inside :)

  2. Thanks Marci! Bdays are a good thing, you either get older or you don't! Go with the flow.

    And yes, french door is a sweet find!

  3. Super happy happy birthday! I'm catching up on blogs and emails! My internet is down in the house so I have the joy of sitting in the next village's car park next to their wi-fi hot spot (although in France, they say 'wee-fee'). Good for you for taking some time off! But it was Saturday anyway - I reckon you should have Monday off too!


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