Monday, November 14, 2011

Inspired:Design, Tumbleweeds, and Don't Miss It

Inspired: Design......Colorways

Thanks to Cari-Jane (from Hybrid Handmade) for introducing me to designer Sania Pell.  I don't know how I missed her, but I'm happy Cari pinned her on pinterest.  Sania's design esthetic really speaks to me, and is the launching point for today's inspired design. I've included some of Sania's work, as well as other finds that boast natural color schemes.

1., 2. 7. Beautiful interiors and touches by sania pell.

3. plum pretty bridal hair comb by BellaHoneyArt.

4. simple beauty of wood in a vintage tray by bonnbonn.

5. pretty pinecone necklace by cloven.
6. blue heart card by fineartbycrystallynn.
8. earthy stacking bowls by back bay pottery.
9. painted & stained dresser french country dresser by harrismarkshome.

10. wonderful copley square vintage fabric by patch happy pauper.

11. beautiful embroidered wearable beadwork by windyriver.

I'll add to that, a couple of pictures from our own home. I searched and searched for the olive green I wanted for our lounge.

Finding the dark plum brown for the bedroom wasn't as hard. You have to hit it in the right light to see the plum tones. It's called black rose.

The light wasn't quite right to capture the plum tones when I took these, but you get the picture. 

It's funny, but even the colors I used in the front of the house (kitchen, living room and office) are on the swatch of colors. Someone was reading my design mind when they put the swatch together.

TumbleWeed Update

In an effort to keep it real, I blogged about the houndog's shedding mania a few months ago.

Newsflash: Lucan is still shedding.

I know it's ugly, but it's life. Well, my life.

Basically the scoop is this. Lucan never stops shedding. He is one serious shedding fool.

Good thing he is cute. I have come to the conclusion, that there is absolutely no possible way to keep up with his tumbleweed furballs.

You should see what I've got rolling around here mere hours after I vacuum. It's hopeless. 

I will say this, I took care of a few furballs yesterday. Spent the day doing a good fall cleaning of the bedroom and the lounge.

If I could only finish the rest of the house.

Oh well, as Scarlett said, "Afterall, tomorrow's another day."

Just In Case You Missed It

The Muse has a new giveaway that I don't want you to miss. We're giving away an archival art print of my latest illustration 'Grow Love'. 

Be sure to add yourself to the running by entering here.

Sunset Meadows

Kind of a funny day yesterday. Sun was in and out but it was pretty darn warm. At sunset there were more clouds than not, but the sun was able to peak through one spot as it set and make a go of it.

Today is turning out like yesterday, unseasonably warm and the sun and clouds playing games with each other.  Regardless, I've got the windows open and I'll take that.

I do hope you have a great Monday. I'm a girl with a mission........organization, a new to do list, check things off aforementioned list. What about you? 

Ciao for now,


  1. My friend is the creator of BellaHoneyArt; isn't her stuff absolutely amazing?! And that grow love print? Absolutely incredible! :)

  2. H, yes, BellahoneyArt has SUCH pretty things in her store! H, enter that giveaway!!! somebody has to win.

    And Reshma,even thought it was cloudy, the sun peaking through made it nice. just noticed the weird funnel shape cloud next to tree in second picture. the things you see on second glance........

  3. Thank you so much for including my fiber art necklace in this gorgeous collection! Wonderful blog!


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