Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sunshine On a Rainy Day

Between The Rain Drops

Honestly, it's been raining so heavy it's more like 'in between the cats and dogs'. Some even got hail this moring. Some had to declare town emergency because of flash flooding. That's what happens when you get 5 inches of rain in an hour.  Not quite as bad here, but Gar will be working in his Grundens today. If I go out, I will don my wellies for sure.

Here's a better look.

What? My camera lens is in the way? Oh. Sorry.

No laundry going out on the line today. Luckily, tomorrow is supposed to lovely. Until then............some color, on an otherwise dreary day.

INSPIRED: design

Our kitchen was a bold, Mediterranean blue for 12 years. Our lounge is olive green, with pops of bold color.  Our bedroom is black rose, which is really a deep brown with hint of burgundy.  Now even though I've gone for neutrals in the redo of the old half of our house, as you can gather, we're not afraid of color. So, without further ado........here's some brightness for you to enjoy.

1. no source, found via pinterest, pinned by several people. (It really bugs me when you can't find a source, so if you just so happen to know, clue me in, OK?) 2. via allthingsthrifty.com  3. Drew Steinbrecher via apartment therapy 4. Monica via apartment therapy 5. Judith deGraf via design*sponge

A couple of pops from our own pad.  Our coffee table in the lounge is a bold red, scored the last one from West Elm, had to hunt it down to get it shipped from the store that had it. Please ignore the dust. This is what happens with glass topped tables (but better than scratching it all up).

Check out the little bar stool-come-end-table on the left in the picture above. It's in it's birthday suit.

Here's its twin all dressed up in a 'rainforest' green, serving as Gar's nightstand in the bedroom.

Both were scored free from neighbors after their moving sale. Gotta love that. And I gotta say, I love rainforest green.

Here's one last pop of color from our shop, Bates Mercantile Co.

I e-mailed the printable version of 'Boomerang' off to Zagreb, Croatia this morning. I just love having customers around the world. Really I do.

Sunset Meadows

We had a break in the dreariness at the end of the day yesterday, just in time for sunset. Perfect timing. It was pretty majestic.

By the way, Garrett just called. He was having his lunch under a piece of plywood. He didn't want to sit in the truck all wet. Well, his Grundens were wet, but he was dry.  He bought them in 1994 for $180 (he knows, he wrote in marker on the inside of the suit). Yes, that's a lot of money, but not when you consider how many rain suits he'd gone through prior. The Grundens are still kicking and in pretty good condition. So if you or someone you know works out in the rain, the Grundens are a worthwhile investment. I was not paid to say that. Wish I was, but I wasn't.

Hope there is more sun where you are today. Fingers are crossed that the forecasters are right about tomorrow.

Ciao for now.

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