Thursday, October 20, 2011

Inspired: Design

Pillow Cover..The Aviary...Vintage Bird throw Pillow cotton and burlap pillows Cover

Bohemian Meets French Country

My design tastes are quite varied and eclectic.  Just about any of my tastes are, be it music, books, movies, and even people for that matter.

I tend to have a love for anything bohemian, but as noted before, also love french country. What's a girl to do?

Combine the two of course.

Here's some things I found that I really love for various reasons. First, from the web.

1. via lou,boosandshoes.  Love: the combination of old (table and pictures) and new (chairs), arrangement and choice of pictures, the unexpected and on-matching color of the chairs.
2. I could not source this photo (this drives me crazy!!!).  Love: the color!!!, the tile, the tub and the light from the window.
3. via minasdecorandfashion. Love: the cozy feel, the pillows, the worn chairs, the urn.
4. via housebeautiful.  Love: the coffee table, the seating arrangement, the different fabrics, the modern-ish paintings with old world furniture styling.
5. via elledecor. Love: the dark wood walls, the paintings covering the walls, that round flokati chair, the hanging spheres.

From etsy.

This pillow.............

Pillow Cover..The Aviary...Vintage Bird throw Pillow cotton and burlap pillows Cover

..........I have a thing for birds.

These chairs from my friend Susie's shop.................

French Cane Chairs White Painted Upholstered Linen Pair of Bergere Chairs

.........the textured linen, the rattan seat backs, the unexpected gingham, the chalk paint.

This tin with more birds...............

French Tin Box

..........wonderful chinoiserie style.

The first thing I ever remember really 'buying' myself, that was an investment at the time, was a wonderful lamp I still have and love to this day. I think I was probably in about 7th grade and used my baby sitting money to buy it. I remember it cost $20 at Zayers.  Beautiful green and blue peacock design. Guess that Bohemian, french thing started way back when.

What about you? What way is your design style leaning? Do you still have a piece you bought years ago that continues to reflect your style.

I better snap a picture of that lamp in good light for all of you.

If you haven't entered our current giveaway, get on it!

Have a great Thursday. Just think- tomorrow is Friday, but first, seize the day.


  1. Love your bird pillow and room number 3. Love how bright it is, the chandelier, colors and the white couch. The dream room for me.

  2. Mimi, isn't that a great pillow. JolieMarche, and etsy shop has it for sale. I just love it!

    I just clicked on your name and it brought me to your blog. I'll look at it more later, but noticed right away....YONKERS!!!

    That's where my parents are from, still have aunts/uncles, godparents and friends there.

    Went to college at Mount Saint Vincent.

    How'd you find the Muse?

  3. Yup - love the bird pillow too and there is something about room number 5 that really grabs me.
    As for the way my style started getting all pared down and minimal (I think it was being an Architect that did that for polo necks and nothing very feminine. Well, I did have to scramble up ladders on building sites after all). Now, I'm a bit more girlie, making up for lost time. I have a pair of boots that sums up my new style - they have a print of a palm tree sunset on them. I know! They are V.O.V. (verging on vile) - but they pack a punch and make me feel fabulous when I wear them.

  4. LOL Cari-Jane.............verging on vile! Hardly. Those boots sound awesome. I've tried to be pared down and minimal, especially in the kitchen/lr area that just redid (well, still in the process of ....still have trim and things to finish). But that has lead to me being paralyzed about putting my stuff back up on the walls. Now I know I need to edit some things out, but I just don't think it's in my make up to be completely minimalistic and neutral. And I say, if they make you feel fab, then v.o.v. is a good thing.

    as far as rm. 5, can't you just see yourself with your legs curled under in the flokati chair, or lounging on the chaise saying "jeeves, please serve me my martini in the lounge'?

  5. That bird fabric is beautiful. I'm not sure what my style is . . . probably French inspired lots of curve and details, feminine but strong, black & whites with pink & blue accents. lol Not sure what that would be called.

  6. I also LOVE french country or even more of a cottage style. These are all SO beautiful!

  7. Traci, we have a little cottage and love cottage style too. Problem is i love so many different styles and only so many you can fit in a cottage - LOL!

    BellaVida, I agree about the birds! I am loving soft blues more and more. I like that.......feminine but strong!

  8. OH my, I did it again. That's not susie's me. I was logged in as her as I'm fiddling with susie's blog set up for her! LOL! I am only one woman!

  9. Great tin and pillow. Nice shades of Aqua! Have a great week! Hugs Marilou

  10. I love birds so naturally I love your pillow. The tin and chairs are also very lovely. Have a nice weekend. Hugs...Lu

  11. Lu, isn't that pillow great! I love birds too. Mine are mad because I haven't filled the feeder. Wish that pillow was mine, but it is available in the shop linked under it! thanks for stopping by.


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