Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I Spy

Love Letters Written by Moonlight brooch and necklace by Cari-Jane Hakes hybrid handmade from 'The Moon' brooch series

They Caught My Eye

Thought I'd share a few things that caught my eye and made me smile. Hope they do the same for you. 

Look at these pretty, shabby chic note cards created by Kristen from By The Book Paper, yesterday's guest poster on Mercantile Muse.

Shabby Chic Note Card Thank You Set of 12 Can be Personalized

I told you she made wonderful things with paper.  Hhhmmmm, she's got me thinking.......a shabby chic heart garland may be in my future.

This photo by Crystal Lynn Photography brings back lots of happy memories of carousel rides as a child. 

Carousel - 5x7 Fine Art Photograph

The color and the bubbles of light in the background capture the feel you get when riding round and round on the carousel.

More romance from tomcatbeadworks.

Pearl wire wrapped necklace-  Madison pink brown and blue

Love the colors and the chain used to create that necklace.

Here's something you'll find I say, and when I do I really mean it. Love the way sparrownestscript wrote it.

You're A Peach Flat Notecards in Peach - Set of 9

Lovely calligraphy.

An ever-so-sweet boudoir mirror from a Bates Mercantile Co. etsy friend across the pond, glass artist Pamela Angus.

Just a little boudoir mirror ....

The shape and flowers are so pretty, and hanging from the chain and's screaming romance.

Love Letters Written By Moonlight, just one of the many pieces I love by another etsy friend across the pond, metalsmith/jeweler extraordinaire Cari-Jane Hakes.

Love Letters Written by Moonlight brooch and necklace by Cari-Jane Hakes hybrid handmade from 'The Moon' brooch series

The wonderful thing about this piece is, it is not only a brooch, but can be turned into a necklace. Too cool.

Whimsical at it's best.

via ohjoy

Pure flying fun.

A pretty little wristlet purse.

Woven Bloom Tidbits Wristlet Ivory Tangerine Coral And Green With Removable Strap

Carolynn not only sews, but paints too. Oh to be so talented.  Another thing that I love about this piece........Carolynn used a pattern from another etsy friend of mine, Cherie.

Cherie is quite the pattern/clothes designer and all around sewing wizard. Cherie's designs have even been featured in famous pattern catalogs.  Love this travel bag.

World Traveler Duffle Bag

My favorite part about this piece.......the straps!

So, what have you spied this week? Share a link if you'd like- I'd love to see what caught your eye. *Side note: If you're on pinterest, note that there is now an easy 'pin it' button at the bottom of each post (thanks to a tutorial from JulieAnnArt) on Mercantile Muse. Pin away if you see something you like. You can also follow me on pinterest by clicking right here.

Hey, did you notice? It's midweek already. Have a superfantabulous Wednesday in your corner of the world.

Before I go, you may notice a couple of sponsors on the right sidebar. It's currently an exchange program. Big thanks to Kristen and to Courtney Jo for hosting one of my ads on their blogs (both a couple of peaches by the way- wink wink). 

Thanks for being here. I love the company.


  1. This is the first time I've been called a wizard. Thank you! I enjoyed all of your finds.

  2. I have had my eye on those bird cage chandeliers for a long time. I wish I were into birds because I would soooooooooo get one.

    On another note ~ I made a post that mentioned you today because of your funny comment you left about your mom lurking. My parents can't seem to figure out how to leave comments either and I've explained it a billion times. My dad did figure out anonymous, even though I explained Google and OpenId...go figure! I actually put together a step by step tutorial because they are driving me crazy, LOL!

  3. Well Cherie, you are pretty darn talented in the pattern/sewing arena!! wizard it is!

    Courtney Jo, that's awesome..........I'll be sure to send the link to Mom/Marge!

    I've only given her one lesson, so I think with a couple more she'd do ok.

  4. thank you Pam !!!
    I love those shabby chic note cards - sooo pretty!!

  5. still laughing over 'The Everything Soap Blog'...I'm wondering what aspect of technology is going to confuse me when my boys are grown! Pamela - thank you so much for including my brooch / necklace!

  6. For get courtney's comments about 'comments'.....LOL that she loves the chandelier but wish she liked birds. Your cracking my up Courtney Jo!

    Glad she did the tutorial, just sent it along to Carolynn whose purse is featured. I do think they could makeit a littler easier. I think sometimes it's even hard for people to find 'where to comment'.

    Thanks gals, so wonderful to know so many talented people.

  7. What a beautiful collection of goodies!
    Thank you so much Pam!!

  8. Thanks for another feature Pam! I love those cards (but I say that about all my stuff). I really like that calligraphy. I have been eyeing things like that on Etsy for awhile!! I wish I could do that. :)

  9. OH my goodness I love that tomcat bracelet! Gorgeous find and thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  10. so many wonderful things to choose from rebekah.....did a link party today and now there's even more! thank YOU for stopping by the muse.


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