Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween, Blizzard & A Free Printable


Happy Halloween

We celebrated Halloween Saturday night at our neighbor's Barn Party.  Good thing we only have to tromp across the lawn to get to it because, Old Man Winter woke up from his nap a little early. It was a blizzard. No kidding. A white out. 

I thought it was brave of those who didn't live in the neighborhood to make their way to the party. 

Gar and I went at Quasimodo and his love-- Esmerelda, the Gypsy girl.

Can I tell ya something? My hair was four times as big before I stepped outside in the storm twice (because I had to go back for Sandee's birthday present).

Sandee had an entire costume put together but she just came in the hat she made. She didn't want to ruin her wooden shoes.

Gerry only donned his dutch boy wig, but it still cracked me up.

Quasi & host Jay.

One of gar's best lines of the night........"Is there a tick on my back?".  And Janet, one of the party goers said........"Have I met you before, your face rings a bell." Rim shot please for Janet.......Ba dum dump.

By the way, Jay wasn't Indiana Jones.  He was a hunter.......... elephant hunter that is. Lauren found this gem at a yard sale this summer.  Gotta love it!

This guy had two leaves hanging from his hat. If you asked him what he was.......

.....he'd blow the leaves and say, "I'm a leaf blower."  This amused us.

Some of the other hardy party goers, including George Bush in the corner and Tom Seleck on the couch.

We went home to quickly check on the fire, and just after we got there, we lost power. That was the end of the party. Bummer. But it was fun while it lasted.

The snow kept coming...............

It was heavy and wet. Combine that with the leaves still on the trees, and this was a big issue. Lots of trees and branches down all over the place. 3 million people without power along the East Coast.  We just got ours back this morning. Some may not get theirs back until end of week.  We got a good bit of snow. Neighbor Gerry says we only got three, but Gar and I think it was more like 8, because yesterday after melting there was 3.  Regardless, that was nothing compared to Jaffrey, NH...........32 inches of snow! What the heck? It still October!

The field was covered come morning.  And the plows had been out.

I have never seen our forsythia this weighed down, and we get some serious storms here. It was flattened.  It usually stands about 9 feet tall.

Not to mention the lilac, and that was with a lot of the snow melted off.

I think the worst part about not having power is not having water pumping from the pump house. The best part.........the candlelight.

We won't forget this Halloween for a long time. I really have never seen anything like it.  The kids won't forget either. Some towns have had to postpone Trick or Treat because there are so many downed trees and power lines. I'm really feelin' for the kiddos.

I however, will be off to Hampton to give out candy at my sister Di's. I have to get my fix over there because we never get trick or treaters.  How are you celebrating Halloween today?

Almost forgot, at the end of the day, we had three visitors in the backyard. This is the only one that would pose for me. I was taking it through the window because I was trying not to spook them.

Let it Snow Free Printable Card

Perhaps not in the spirit of the season (since it is only Fall and it's Halloween), but rather in the spirit of the weather.....a snowflake inspired free printable card.  Print, fold, and stuff into an A2 envelope and get those holiday cards started!

Either click right on image to copy and paste.

Have a ghoulishly great Halloween Monday.  See you ghost and goblins tomorrow.


  1. Pamela,

    Glad you guys survived the storm without too much in the way of power outage. I was wondering about you out here in Colorado as I watched the Weather Channel.

  2. Ahhh snow! It's crazy to think I was wandering around in shorts while you guys were getting snowed on! Oh, and I love the card printable!

  3. Yikes, blogger keeps eating my comment!

    Lisa, snow was crazy but we made out much better than others.

    Cari-Jane, don't you love the simplicity of that one.

    Sam, I do not want to hear that you're wearing flip flops!


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