Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday In Stratham

Chili & Campfire Night

The sun is currently trying to make a show. Funny, the sun woke me up first thing this morning, and had I been 'awake' I would have gotten a shot. The sky was blazing pink.  By the time I really woke up, clouds had moved in. I don't remember them suggesting that would be the case on the weather forecast this week. Luckily, the sun hasn't given up.  I was hoping for some Saturday pool time today. Not that I need the sun. I get in regardless. But I digress.

Since the weather forecast was for a decent day, we made plans to have a Chili & Campfire night.  We did a dry run campfire last night. Not really. We just had a campfire, it wasn't a dry run. It was however, a perfect night out. Hoping for the same tonight.

Got all the fixin's.

Haven't decided to use the beef or turkey.  Oh, and I forgot to buy the peppers, of all things. Missing one of the main ingredients. Too funny. Luckily, neighbor Joanie is going this morning and offered to pick some up for me.  Of course, there will be onion too.

We'll be good to go. I might make some corn muffins for the side. Joanie is making a dessert. Even if the sun doesn't come out, it's a nice temperature so it is sure to be a good night out at the campfire.

Before I start the chili, I'm going to spend some time in my little corner of the office.  May work on a new illustration. Then, the chili. 

Got any big plans for your Saturday? How are you spending it?

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