Tuesday, September 27, 2011

FREE Blog Background And Take A Walk With Us

Designs on My Mind

I'm currently doing a blog design/set up for my friend Susie, and we haven't quite found the right background yet. We will. That said, I have blog backgrounds on the brain, and now you can have it on your blog.  Ribbon Weave is a free blog background you can use for your blog.  Very pretty combination of pinks ribbons and woven turquoise shades. I tried it on the Muse and it looked nifty. I'm sure it will look lovely on your blog too.

Just right click and save to your computer and upload in Blogger (or whatever blog platform you're on). Via blogger, go to template design, choose background, and upload image. It's best used centered, but you can try it anyway you like. Thanks for being here.

Another Beautiful Day: Take a Walk With Us

The hound and I were off the field last night. He was being a bit cheeky.... running away from me, not listening (selective hearing)......you know the gig if you have a dog. Despite his antics, it was a lovely walk.

Sun shining bright, greener than green grass. Dew droplets shinging in the light. Milkweed that looked like slivers of glass.  Butterfly perfectly posing.

I hope you had as nice an end to your day yesterday.

Sunset Meadows

I turned around in the field, and the sun was glinting off one of the barn windows. Doesn't it look like it's on the barn? Love it. 

The sun saying goodbye.

I do hope you have a wonderful Tuesday.  Mine is chock full. My desk is a mess and my list is long including marketing for 3D clients and shipping a pretty Shakespeare Country plate out.  What do you have on the books today?

A big shout out to everyone who has been so great in leaving the most thoughtful and kind comments. It really makes my day.

Ciao for now.


  1. Nice pictures. I agree; the sun on the barn looks really neat.

  2. I caught it just at the right moment. :)

  3. Your evening walk looks idyllic! Simply lovely. I am going to take time to read your blog - looks great!
    Thanks for visiting me.

  4. I love the background, and love the pics. I have the opposite problem with my dog. He leave me It's like there's an imaginary tether between us, and I can't run as fast as he would like to. Poor guy, he starts to speed up, then checks back and realizes I'm lagging behind, so he slows down too. Dogs are so good to us. :)

  5. That should say *He doesn't leave my side.* I'm not sure what happened there! Sloppy typing. :)

  6. Hi Di! Glad to have you here. Your magazine giveaway still has ideas running through my head!

    Kristen, Lucan is usually like that too......well, he'll pretend that he's going to go off on his own, but if he looks back and doesn't see us,he's shooting like a rocket back in our direction. He was just in a 'mood'. I don't think I've ever been without a dog really. He's my pal....currently having 'morning' nap on futon.

  7. :) dew pictures - that means you got wet knees right?
    Love the picture of the 'winking' barn, a golden wink and a nod before night time.

  8. You always have the best freebies! I love the photo of that barn - I have a thing for barns. Must be my Southern roots.

  9. Cari-Jane, I didn't quite have 'wet knees' but from my the tip of my toes, to my knees were wet from squatting in field grass! Love that description of the barn pic. Perfect.

    Courtney-Jo, I've got a thing for barns too. I find it sad that so many are being lost from long neglected up keep. Luckily, our neighbors renovated their a few years ago. I think they're an important part of history.


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