Monday, August 15, 2011

When You Get Caught Between the Moon & New York City

We snuck away for an impromptu visit to my Godparents and the Bates of Clontarf, who were doing the Jersey City thing this summer due to brother-in-law Fran's work. Drove down on Friday and swung into the Belenchia's, my Godparents, in Yonkers.  It always makes me happy to walk in that back kitchen door.

Actually got this shot of us with Boskie and Aunt Virginia on Sunday on the way out of the city. We've had a lot of good times around that kitchen table and Friday and Sunday were no different.  Did I say I have the best Godparents a girl could have?

Then we were off to the Holland Tunnel to get to the other side of the river and Gar's brother Fran, our sister in law Fiona, nephew Conor and niece Rachel. They spent the summer in Jersey City, just across the river from lower Manhattan. I predicted that Fran would be cooking a curry. I was close. It wasn't Fran, but Rachie who donned the chef's hat Friday night. Our compliments to the chef. 

Went for a walk on the waterfront after dinner. Gorgeous night. Gorgeous view of the city and a great full moon. Couldn't have been nicer. So, of course, with all things aligned, I had to start singing Arthur's Theme by Christopher Cross, hence the title of this post. Nobody appreciated my rendition though, so I stopped.

The Freedom Tower is the tallest building in the picture and they still have a good ways to go before it's complete.  

Got a shot of the gang with the famed Colgate clock in the background.

No. Gar couldn't be any redder from working out in the summer sun.

Midtown - including Empire State (middle) and Chrysler Building (to right of Empire State).

Next morning, Gar went for a walk while we were all waking up and having our obligatory cuppa tea.  He came back and announced there was a farmer's market in the neighborhood, but had nothing to show for it. So we went back down for some goods. Look at these tomatoes! The second one up on the left went home with us, along with the sweetest little yellow cherry tomatoes, some bread (the fluffiest loaf ever!), peach butter, and a beautiful pepper for Rachie's next curry.

Then we were all off to Manhattan via the waterferry/taxi Gar and I scoped out on our stroll of the neighborhood. Such a long ride. All of about 10 minutes. Here's Rachie on the top deck with Lady Liberty behind her. It was a perfect day. Sun shining and a nice breeze.

The ferry dropped us at the World Financial Center, so we strolled that side of the island for awhile. 

I couldn't find anything that said whether this sculpture had any significance, but it sure looked great against the blue sky.

A beautiful clipper ship, the Friendship of Salem was in dock from Salem, MA. Such pretty details.

Then the Freedom Tower in the sun.

Garrett checking out the progress on the Freedom Tower in daylight. It's much bigger than it looks in this picture. I really like it. And I like that it's being built, though many may disagree. I think it will be a beautiful tribute when done, to those who died at the WTC on September 11th ten years ago, and the perseverance of the American people. I was happy to see lots of progress is being made on the site. It's been a long haul. It took quite awhile just for the debris from the tragedy to be cleared. If it was just left a gaping hole, which is what it was, it would be as if the terrorists had won. I think it will fitting too see it when it is done, filled with people going about their daily lives just as those who lost their lives were doing that day. Again, that's just how I feel, I'm sure others feel differently.

We headed over to the other side, to the South Street Seaport. We enjoyed some 'lazy' time on the upper deck, watching the tugs push the barges up the East River and generally just enjoying the day.  Here's the brothers, solving all that is wrong with the world. That's Brooklyn across the river.

Then, it was mission time and we were off to Little Italy to see if we could find 100 Mulberry Street where my Grandfather was born and grew up. Now I've walked Mulberry Street many, many times, but only recently found out (thanks to fellow esty shop owner, Cris of Belmodo.....a great story for another time) the actual address where my Grampy Cocciardi lived.  We found what we 'think' is 100 Mulberry. The numbers may have been different at the beginning of the last century, so this was as close as we could get.

Then I made the guys pose and told them to talk Italian. They said, 'How do we do that?', and I said 'With your hands!!!!'. 

Then Gar snapped the girls on Mulberry Street. I love any picture we're ever taken there.......always hustling and bustling with people.

More tomorrow. We packed as much as we could into our quick trip!

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are.

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