Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So, what do you think?


I've been thinking about my esty shop header lately. I just felt like it was a little 'too' much and perhaps taking away from what is in our store. Now, although I like the background a lot, I like it better on its own as one of my illustrations rather than as a header.

So I've been tweaking. Not wigging out, tweaking. The adjusting sort of tweaking.

Here's where I'm at:

I am pretty happy with the way the new Bates Mercantile Header is working with what we've got in the store. Though I value others' opinions. 

Our shop isn't what you'd call 'serious', so I wanted something that spoke to the vintage items that we carry, yet had a fun feel to it in order to convey what my illustrations are about.

Give it to me straight..............

Do you like it? Here's a screen shot.

And here's a link to Bates Mercantile Co. so you can see it 'live' so to speak. Check it out before you give me your honest opinion.  Better before or after?

Question Two: Print vs. Printable

I've been mulling this one over since I listed my first illustration. I've, for the most part, been offering wall art and such as printable files. You purchase the file. I send it to you via email. You print on your end and frame and hang as you wish. Instant gratification.

The quandary is this, I've done lots of research and it appears that actual 'prints' of wall art rather than printables, are selling like hotcakes. So, not wanting to miss the boat (actually it's more about giving the people what they want), I've been wondering whether I should be offering wall art as prints or printables. I know my current customers have appreciated the immediacy of printables, they buy and viola it's in their inbox. In fact, this has been a great 'last minute gift' selling point for different occasions. Still, I wonder if more customers would like it already printed and sent to their real mailbox so all they have to do is frame?

Obviously, having prints made up and packaging and shipping them will be more work on my end, but I'm ok with that if it will bring more people to shop at Bates Mercantile Co.

Now, the twenty thousand dollar question (no, you are not going to get $20,000 if you answer this question, it's just a figure of speech).......should I offer each design both ways, as a print and/or as a printable? Or just one or the other?

I'd appreciate any feedback you have to offer. Really. I would.

Sunset Meadows

Last night there weren't any flamingos in the sky, CourtneyJo's description of our sunsets, but it was still awful pretty.

A melow orange glow. Got out of the pool just in time to snap this. Didn't want to get out, but I did. Just for your viewing pleasure. OK, and to fix dinner, but for you too. 

Make it a fantabulous Wednesday in your part of the world.


  1. I think the banner is soooo much nice than the original one. It really conveys more about what you do and also it seems to suit your personality more (not that I know you, but from what I get from your blog!). I like the colour too, but you may want to experiment with adding a colour to it?

    As for the print vs printable. In my humble opinion, I think something that you send has more value. I would struggle with having the right sort of paper to print on etc and would rather have something arrive in the post. And so long as it fits a standard frame, its easy.

    Hope that helps!!

  2. I *love* your new banner! It's fantastic; it complements your shop perfectly.

    Regarding the print vs. printable thing: If you're up for it, I think you should definitely try selling prints! Like the previous poster, I wouldn't buy a printable because I don't have the right equipment/paper, but I do buy prints. Plus, prints can be individually signed, which adds value.

    I think you should keep selling your work as printables, too, though. Not only are printables great last-minute gifts, but they also don't seem to be available all over the place (and presumably your regular customers have come to count on you to provide them).

    However, maybe you could also try some limited edition print-only pieces...

    Good luck!

  3. I LOVE THE NEW BANNER - so much more personal, more you, unique.

    I would definately sell framed prints. I would also offer them as a download - but I think you will capture impulse shoppers if they can immediatly buy a finished product.

    Just my 2 cents.........

  4. I totally agree with the other three ladies, if you can offer both as so many people don't know how to print them or have the right equipment. Your drawings are very lovely, I really love the bear. I made your pasta dish tonight and it was really good, I let down the side a bit I used two pots. Than you for the recipe.

  5. Ladies, the funny thing is, since I asked this questions I've sold several printables in a row. My mom, Marge, who reads this but hasn't figure out posting suggested I sell both at least for a time, and I think that is what I will do. I think lots of people do want the prints, but obviously the customers I've had so far do like the immediacy of the printables. I shall be researching which printers will be able to give me the best giclee prints so I can offer them as well.

    How nice you tried the recipe Sandra......I do like the basics of Rachael Ray's recipes, I just often end up tweaking them. The bagna cauda was yummy and could be used with pasta and just about any veg for sure.

    I'll be posting a Portuguese Sausage stew at some point this week, so stay tuned.

    Thanks for throwing your two cents in about the prints and your kind words, I appreciate it.


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