Wednesday, August 10, 2011

She sells sea shells

Perhaps my love of shells came from growing up a mile from the beach and spending many hours playing in the sand as a kid, or walking it as an adult. Then again, it could simply be that they are hard to resist because they're so pretty. Either way, I have a bowl of them sitting on our bathroom vanity, and I think they're all equally pretty in their own rite.  I also have lots of beach rocks, which I always fill my pockets with too, but that's another post.

Here's one from the bowl. I think I got this one from my former boss Sheila (who was too much fun to work with). I believe it came from Florida.

This gnarly one I picked up in Clifden, Galway/Ireland. We loved Clifden so much, we stayed another day. Quiet town on the sea with the mountains behind it. But back to the gnarly shell.

Some may think of the mussel as a throw away shell, but I really like the peach and purple tones inside.

Just look at that gorgeous purple color!

Pretty, right?

I think this might be another Florida shell. Looks like a scallop.  Maybe this is where the color mauve came from.

The bowl isn't the only place I display shells. I also have a couple with some small pieces of driftwood on the vanity.  All came from Ireland.  Love that little brown and white snail shell. Too sweet.

My shells are another collection of sorts. It's really more about the treasure hunting on the beach and the beauty of shells than building a collection. Also that most of them have some meaning to me. I guess that's probably the best kind.

Have a great Wednesday wherever you are.


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