Thursday, July 14, 2011

Tin Roof. Rusted.

A little ode to the B52s with the title of today's post.  It's not about a tin roof, it's about:


Fiona over at Cafe Cartolina inspired today's post. Yesterday she shared one of her collections. Biscuit tins. And they're lovely.
Copyright Cartolina, 20111

Fiona's biscuit tin collection. Awesome colorful, graphics!
I must confess, I too have a tin collection. Collecting is in my blood. I can blame it on my parents who have quite a few collections and who inspired me to start to collecting at an early age.  Though some of mine, like my spoon collection, are still in storage waiting for me to figure out where to put them on the wall after the construction and new wall paint. I want to change it up and haven't decided on a new spot. 

What collection is out for all to see, are the tins I'm using in my pantry.  One thing I loved about Fiona's collection was that it housed other collections........Romanian stamps, broken vintage pottery, miniatures. Currently, the tins in my pantry are holding things such as spice packets, sunflower seeds and the like. Oh and dog biscuits, appropriately enough in a Milk Bone tin. 

The Pantry

Milk Bones for Lucan!

That's my oldest tin. Animal Crackers! It's quite faded but still lots of fun.

This is probably my second oldest, and I believe it was my sister Dianne's first.
Such a pretty illustration.

Last but not least, this tin says Gardening but I use it as a recipe box.

It's part of a Farmer's Almanac 4 tin set. There's another small one and two big ones. They house things such as discs in my office, seeds, and gardening gloves.

I have another collection, my first really, of bone china animals. I was pretty young when I started that one. Dad made my first knick knack shelf to hold them. The truth is out, they are packed away and still in my parent's attic!!! Probably time to retrieve them since I haven't lived there in 23 years.

Are you a collector? If you are, I'd love to know what you collect. Share away.

For some reason, blogger wouldn't let me do captions without moving pictures to different spots. Just a glitch I guess. Oh well.

And as Gar says, S.H.I.T.  So Happens It's Thursday! Make it a good one.

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