Thursday, December 15, 2011

Close To Home

Houndstooth Backpack with Red Bow and Drawstring Closure

Shop Local, Volume II. 

Hi gang. Here's my second installment of shop local for the holidays. As our days are dwindling before Christmas, and Hanuakah is sooner, it makes even more sense to by from those who live close to you.  If you can keep it handmade or vintage (the new green), it's all that much better.

So here's a selection of what's available in my part of the world. If you have a blog, I'll once again suggest you do a post like this in the next couple of days to prompt your followers to at least think of buying from merchants close to them.

Can I just say, I've always loved houndstooth. Classic. Never, ever goes out of style.

Houndstooth Backpack with Red Bow and Drawstring Closure

Add a pop of red, and WOW~! You'll be styling. 

I jokingly call myself The Bird Lady of Stratham. Yes, I talk to the birds. Don't you?

The prettiest birdhouse around, are just up the road from me at Backyard Birds and Garden Frills in York, Maine. 

My sister-in-law and her Mom and Dad put their hearts into this shop and it shows.  They've got a lot more than birdhouse though, and one walk through the door will prove it.

Need to send a note?  How pretty is this?

Maple Trees In Winter
via dsigns, franklin, new hampshire 

A perfectly pretty and ultilitarian spoon. I love a good wooden spoon.

Small Wooden Spoon Handcrafted from Cherry

How about a lovely, organic and locally sourced dinner?  This is the place.

Gift certificate? Yes, please. I do love being greeted by the hostest with the mostest, Ms. Alissa Gallant, and served a tastey Rosalita Margarita made with Blue Moon's own thyme infused simple syrup. The food? I don't have time to go there, but suffice it to say, delicious.

Ah, the sea. Luckily I'm not far. There are lots of people in my area who take their insiration from the shore.
Seaglass Necklace, Beach Pottery Necklace, Lobster Charm, Pearls, White, Silver Plated Chain

Considering I've lived on the coast my whole life (except when I was in NY for college), it's pretty sad that I've yet to go on a whale watch. Someday. 

Sperm Whale T-Shirt, Organic Cotton

So, when you're trying to whittle down the rest of your list, think of the shops that are near you. They can probably even ship something to you if need be, and still get it to you in time for gift giving. 

A big thanks to everyone for linking up at our current shop link up. Wow. I am overwhelmed with the fine selection of handmade and vintage goods, and wonderful blogs.  Stay tuned tomorrow for 'picks from the party'. 

In the meantime, have a great day in your little corner of the world. 



  1. Thank you for including our whale shirt in your fabulous shop-local blog! What a great idea, and I love your picks!

  2. Thank you for including my sea pottery and lobster necklace! You blog is beautiful!

  3. Love Backyard Birds and Garden Frills. Many unique and special treasures. Everyone should stop in and take a peek!

  4. You're welcome sarah!!! Love that whale T!!

    And to the 'other' sara, more than welcome. Glad you like the muse.

    DiTa......Backyardbirds is GORGEOUS, and I'm not just saying that because of my sister in law. Really a special store!

  5. Ooh..great finds! I love the bird house and I wouldn't mind eating dinner at that gorgeous place!
    Thanks for the follow, Pam, much appreciated :)

  6. Duni, you should see all the beautiful birdhouses my sister in law has in her store. So many. And, I have to say I am partial to Blue Moon Evolution, because it's my friend Kath's place. Get to her enjoy her company tonight at 'bookclub' Christmas at our place (btw, we haven't 'officially' read a book in years, that's why I usually refer to our group of 4 as the Champagne ladies now!).

  7. Hi Pam, Love today's blog:) It has been a great year at the shop. People are really taking to heart and trying to shop local stores. We appreciate it as well as you featuring us on your blog, always a good read! The birdhouse you featured is made right in Maine. Good job, thanks Kel


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